A favorite collectible among family and friends. Our ornaments are timeless treasures that affix us to past holiday memory year after year.

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Overall: 17.5'' H x 13'' W x 6'' DOverall Product Weight: 2lb.

JJ'S HOLIDAY gifts is excited about the White cloth Standing Reindeer through Pinecone Tail which is terrific addition come anyone's Christmas Décor Collection. A an excellent gift or decoration for her parents, grandma, grandpa, mother, wife or any of her church friends! even if it is you are christian, catholic or athiest, this christmas gift idea is terrific addition come your home window display, life room shelfs, kaminsims decor, or on height of her table! even if it is you are searching for antique or mondern styles, you have the right to now uncover beautiful and also unique Miscellaneous here instead of your regional garden center, home hardware building centers or gift shops!

Outdoor Use: No

Perfect and also plush for a children's room or whimsical in the good room, this collection polyester-clad reindeer through jingling bells tied around their necks will make a funny statement.

Overall: 21'' H x 10'' W x 4.5'' DOverall Product Weight: 1.6lb.

Be inspired! Christmas cheer is all about sparkles and also glitz fun. Permit this beautifully thorough ornament compliment her tree this season.

Overall: 7.09'' H x 5.12'' W x 2.75'' DOverall Product Weight: 1.13lb.

Overall: 9.25'' H x 4.38'' W x 9.88'' DOverall Product Weight: 1.56lb.

JJ'S HOLIDAY presents is excited about the 17'' White Styrofoam Sparkly Reindeer i m sorry is an excellent addition to anyone's Christmas Décor Collection. A great gift or decoration for your parents, grandma, grandpa, mother, mam or any type of of your church friends! whether you room christian, catholic or athiest, these christmas gift idea is wonderful addition to your window display, life room shelfs, kaminsims decor, or on optimal of her table! whether you are looking for antique or mondern styles, you can now find beautiful and unique Miscellaneous below instead that your neighborhood garden center, residence hardware building centers or gift shops!

Outdoor Use: No

Finish in a rustic white-wash finish, this collection of 2 steel deer will certainly make a wonderful enhancement to your Holiday Decor. Made of steel with a modern design.

Overall: 47'' H x 6.25'' W x 26.25'' DOverall Product Weight: 13lb.

Prancer, Dancer and also Vixen love to show off your independent side, simply as you'll reap displaying your impressive eye for style when you placed this playful plush trio on parade. Hooves-down, this set is a delight and also together they will look so great in any kind of space, and any decor!

Overall: 37'' H x 23'' H x 32'' H x 12'' W x 12'' W x 14'' W x 19'' D x 7'' D x 12'' DOverall Product Weight: 4.7lb.

This delightful pair of steel deer; will certainly make a cool statement on any type of surface and also will carry a tiny of the nature the the outdoors; in. With ornaments hanging from their antlers.

Overall: 24'' H x 6'' W x 13'' DOverall Product Weight: 4lb.

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Woodland creatures make an excellent holiday decorations, however if you don't desire light increase deer in her front yard, there's another means to go. That's wherein this deer figurine come in! This actors iron style showcases a heavily-distressed antique white end up that is certain to mix in with a range of aesthetics, from rustic to cottage. Measure up 9'' H x 4.75'' W x 3'' D, it makes a great accent on her mantel, or as a table centerpiece surrounding by candles and also greenery.

Overall: 9'' H x 4.75'' W x 3'' DOverall Product Weight: 3.52lb.