How come Wear black Pants and White shoes Without Looking favor a Wedding Singer

‘If the flexibility of decided is bring away away, then dumb and silent we may be led, prefer sheep to the slaughter.’ - George Washington

If us equate the liberty to dress according come one’s own prerogative to liberty of expression, then this adage rings specifically true in time in which dress codes are as fluent and also prone to interpretation as any type of other setting of behavior. George Washington envisioned a society in i beg your pardon everyone had the liberty come express themselves freely, and also lucky for united state that that did since now we deserve to reap what he had sowed, specifically in regards to fashion choices. 

However, his white bourgees wig would have actually probably fallen turn off if he observed the layers of flexibility we deserve to garner in our wardrobes nowadays. We don’t blame you, George. Who would have guessed back then the in the far-off future you would certainly not only be allowed but thought about fashion-forward while wearing, say, a blue suit and brown shoes? 

‘But, what is a suit anyway?!’ our hypothetical George Washington would certainly dumbfoundedly exclaim.

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Why you should wear black pants v white shoes

All joke aside, strict fashion imperatives around what is in the domain of great fashion sense just do no make sense anymore. Street chic is in, old-timey gentleman’s limitations are out. If you want to combine a irradiate grey suit through brown shoes, friend are free to carry out so. If you desire to add a grey shirt to enhance those brown shoes, you are free to execute so together well. 

Notice just how much the word ‘freedom’ is mentioned? it is due to the fact that fashion is, essentially, a kind of liberation. Fortunately, we have actually ushered into free-flowing, freedom-loving time in i m sorry combining black color pants with white pair of shoes is a sign of exquisite fashion feeling resulting from a free-thinking outlook top top life. The being said, let us dig deep into the liberation movement called black pants and white shoes.


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The philosophy behind wearing black color pants and also white shoes

As we have already mentioned, the influence of street format has do an irreversible impact on how the appropriateness of our attire is perceived. So much so, that brand-new dress codes space being established by the hour. Sure, there are still occasions in i beg your pardon you have to conform to time-tested guidelines of how to pair your shoe shade with, because that example, brown pants. But, the undeniable truth of modern fashion is the there is better leeway than ever before.

That’s whereby the black pants and white shoes combo come in. Because that some, a harbinger of change, and for others, a stalwart that a new fashion zeitgeist in i beg your pardon individuality and also freedom of expression are imperative. Define it as you may, it combine the casual, street fashion influence with the elegant, suave tailoring to the right for any type of smartly pull on gentleman. 

How walk this strange melange concerned be? The price is this - it at the same time adheres to and breaks the rule of dress. The monochromatic black color outfit exudes elegance and tradition, conversely, white shoes add an wait of mutiny versus head-to-toe blackness. In total, they create a progressive however still an in its entirety elegant color mix which is a viable alternative in numerous different contexts and events. 

Types the white shoes - formal and also informal

In order to be able to as necessary assess what shoes to complement with which kind of pant, or, top top the contrary, to be aware what space the opposing combinations that will fit into the street chic or clever casual setting of dress via contrast, it is advantageous to distinguish in between what is usually thought about a official or unshened shoe. So, let’s take a look.






Canvas shoes

Oxford shoe



Wingtip shoes

Boat shoe


Buck dress shoe


Leather sneakers

Double Monk Strap 

Chukka boots



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White shoes can be an overwhelming to maintain since they conveniently get dirty, and any damages to them is more visible. Therefore, castle are largely reserved for indoor events and also dry weather.

However, this shouldn’t placed you turn off of put on white shoes together they compensate for this poor trait by being, deservedly, the epitome of format and, we dare say, sprezzatura. What another way to display the people that your layout is therefore refined and so effortless than by wearing a pair that white brogues or kicks?

Black trousers as an essential item the clothing

It is practically redundant come say that black color pants room the necessary item that clothing. Whether you space a tech-savvy business man or a retired genuine estate agent, black pants space the ultimate go-to item because of them being:

so versatile, so easy to pair, so suave, so effortless, so easy maintenance

We have actually only nice points to say around black pants. 


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And why limit yourself to pure black? there are numerous shades and also nuances acquired from the black color color structure that deserve to be combine impeccably through white shoes. However, we will point out those that room most frequently worn and most easily accessible on the market:

Derivatives the the shade black

Color and matching properties


Black toned down through a grey hue, perfect through white canvas shoes


The violet hue to add a touch of luxury to her black and white combo


Charcoal pants and white shoes do for a perfect workplace outfit


The brown hue with white shoes is perfect for open-air events


Accentuates white shoes nicely many thanks to its marine blue hue

Types of black color pants that complement with white shoes

Once friend have chose on the perfect shade of black color to accentuate her white footwear, you need to opt for the perfect pants. Sure, pants come in numerous shapes, cuts, and forms, so it is no easy task. Ultimately, girlfriend just might resort to wearing any type of black pants the you currently own, as they are incredibly versatile. 


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That is exactly the beauty beauty of the black color pants and also white shoe mix - they space two opposing entities working together to develop a neat shade combo. When you step over the threshold of attract approved shade combinations or exclusively monochromatic combinations, you will be prepped come freely combine formal and also informal items of clothing as well.

However, friend still need to pay fist to particular contexts in which some varieties of black pants fit much better than others. For the reason, us will discuss which types of trousers fit which occasion, yet firstly, it is essential to identify the timeless degrees the formality ascribed to most typically worn species of pants and shoes.

Matching formal black pants and also white shoes

This is a non-exhaustive perform of trousers that deserve to be categorized together being much more on the official side. Of course, if self-proclaimed fashion authorities define something as formal or informal, it does not average this label have to stop friend from combine them with white shoes the are considered informal. And vice versa. 

Suit pantsOdd pantsCorduroyFlannel TrousersTapered pantsCavalry twill pants

Suit pants


Traditionally, you do not do it mix fit pants or trousers with such one outrageous and also flamboyant shoes color, which white, admittedly, is. We’re talking around white dress shoes, i beg your pardon existence and also usage are marginal. So, play it safe and also stay far from white pair of shoes altogether when the complying with dress codes space enforced:

Formal - high-profile service luncheons, meetings, funeralsBusiness - a strict dress password in i beg your pardon white shoes execute not to the right inBlack Tie - attract a tuxedo or a made-to-measure fit is the norm

The only exception would possibly be wearing a wingtip white leather shoes in mix with a tuxedo for a black-tie or white-tie event. Anything much less formal could come turn off as also daring or, god forbid, impolite. 

Odd pants

‘Odd pants’ sounds choose an strange term, however it is relatively simple. Suit pants are traditional dress pants that room a constituent part of suits. However, odd trousers are, basically, fit pants worn separately, v blazers or sports jackets, or also without them, through a standard dress shirt or a button-down. Therefore, their level of formality is inherently slightly lesser. For that reason, black odd pants room the perfect complement for white shoes resulting native them being much less formal, but still a an extremely preppy loved one of suit pants.

Black odd pants v white shoes room perfect because that a slightly spruced up clever Casual look. This mix can frequently be viewed at spring and also summer weddings, banquets and other events and situations in which strictly dress codes space loosened up to permit a little of individuality to shine through. There are a range of white shoes that are allowed entrance at together events:

White broguesWhite oxfordsWhite monk strapsWhite wingtip shoesWhite buck dress shoesWhite loafersWhite boater shoesWhite canvas shoesWhite low height leather sneakers


Choose your shoes according to your preferences and also season. Steer clean of, say, canvas pair of shoes if you are going to an at home wedding. Likewise, put on white monk straps ~ above a beach or ranch wedding is likewise not the best choice because, we assume, girlfriend don’t want to destroy your beloved (and pricey!) animal leather shoes.

Of course, you might even spice points up with fun dress socks together you deserve to deviate indigenous the norm of wearing black color pants and also matching black color socks. This outfits work great with patterned, spotted or even absolutely crazy socks. Remember, it’s a complimentary country!

Black corduroy pants

Corduroy pants, additionally called cords, deserve to be styled come look really dressy, but are also a few degrees less formal 보다 black suit pants. The an essential to your appeal is their amazing texture, with corduroy pants with narrow ridges (11 wales i.e. Ridges) considered much more dressy than their wide-ridged counterparts. 

They are also worn through blazers or sports jackets, however are an ext casual (and much more comfortable) than trousers, thus, they carry out a suitable foundation for white shoes. Think brogues, moccasins, boater shoes for a dressier, an ext suave look, and canvas shoes and also white slip-ons because that a casual yet advanced appearance.


Black or Charcoal Flannel Trousers

They are comparable to suit pants in terms of appearance, however, they space not do of worsted wool. They space made that softer wool, hence, they room not vulnerable to creasing, which provides them an affordable, easy to maintain, and, last however not least, stylish alternative to classic woolen fit pants. They generally come in grey or charcoal, yet they deserve to be black too. 

As because that the type of white shoes the come into consideration, white brogues and also oxfords complement the black or charcoal flannels perfectly together they lug a touch of effortless luxury. Friend can likewise pair charcoal flannels with brown shoes quite than white, specifically if you going because that a contempt toned down, traditional ensemble.

If you desire to steer clear of the opportunity to it seems ~ stuffy, then you deserve to easily integrate stylish lace-up white kicks because that a slightly preppy watch (the minimalist Keds) or, for a much more casual gait, something along the present of all-white Adidas Sam Smiths. 

For a rebellious, charcoal flannel watch reminiscent of the mode fashion style and teddy young culture, pair up through black and also white wingtips or pure white or cream pointy Derbys or Oxfords. Channel The Beatles or The Specials and their early fashion statements.

Tapered pants

Tapered pants refer to the reduced of the leg fairly than the shade or product the pant is do of. A tapered leg narrows down gradually and also provides a tight fit near the ankles, so that is perfect for illustration attention to your footwear and also dress socks. 

If you going for a punk-rock kind of aesthetic that is intended come steer your outfit totally off the to win track, you have the right to then pair up the above Converse lining Taylor’s with black trousers that have a tapered or even cropped leg. You might go sockless or otherwise make a statement by attract socks - striped, dotted, or novelty, together this is the watch formal reduced that is perfect because that stylistic innovation and also improvisation. 

Cavalry Twill Pants

Not as well-known as its other formal trouser cousins, the mounties twill is defined by the twill, the is, a diagonal line sewing pattern. 

They are perfectly matched v blazers, particularly black and also navy blue blazers. And we all know what accentuates these colors perfectly. OK, brown shoes. But likewise white. For possible shoe types, this pants space on the dressier side of the formal-informal spectrum, for this reason be certain to stick to equally dressy shoes on officially occasions. 

Find perfect socks come go through white shoes and also black pants

Finding the perfect pair the socks to enhance your white shoe black pants combo is easy! You deserve to go through the classic white, black, or any color under the sun! If you’re emotion adventurous, try cool socks such together these orange polka dot socks indigenous


Of course, you deserve to go also crazier with, because that example, these chef socks to present everybody who provides the ideal tacos in town!

Matching informal black pants and also white shoes

We will certainly dedicate due attention to informal and also casual pants and even sportswear together the tendency of combining black pants through white shoes has uncovered its ar primarily in the domain of casual menswear. 

Word of advise - if you are going for the ultimate, show-stopper, head-turning ensemble, climate you should follow the aforementioned principle of all at once breaking and also complementing the all-black unity through white footwear. Think yin and yang, just without the dots

Black jeansBlack chinosTracksuit pantsJoggers

Black jeans

Jeans have actually been a mainstay the menswear for decades. There room plenty of reasons for this - they room durable, stylish, comfortable (most of the time), the shapes and also cuts they deserve to assume space numerous, they work-related both in semi-formal and also casual contexts. What much more does one need? of course, classic jeans have blue hues, however black blue jeans are simply as present in sleeve as blue jeans are.

However, precisely since they space so versatile, occasionally they have the right to be tricky to enhance or even buy as it is dependence on your body type. Additionally, similar to everything in fashion, there room jeans i beg your pardon are an ext or less formal.


The flexibility of the blue jeans is, in a way, a double-edged sword, as not every pair of black jeans is a panacea, one all-applicable item of clothing. You do not do it be swayed to think the your black skinny jeans are perfectly ideal for a job interview in a firm that adheres come a smart casual dress code.

To it is in on the for sure side in together situations, sport regular and also slim fit black jeans that right you like a glove through a matching blazer or sports jacket. Also, avoid jeans through details and also embellishments like chains, bleaching denim, ripped denim, and also the like. When it involves shoes, white, tennis shoes are on the casual side, however are workplace appropriate in the an innovative industries.

On the other hand, in non-formal, no dress code situations, black jeans are marvelous to pair as they administer the perfect basis for combining… well, just around anything. 

Possible looks:

Wear white or cream high-top Converse lining Taylors with black jeans and a black color hoodie because that the ultimate ‘too-cool-for-school’ look. Wear white canvas low-tops through black jeans and a level black tee and you are good to go just about anywhere and be Berlin-stylish without emotion overdressed. If you desire to go even further down the casual lane, then wear a monochromatic tee in any kind of color girlfriend want. Polo shirts and button-downs are likewise an option.You deserve to wear espadrilles, loafers or boat shoes with a black color polo shirt come channel Steve McQueen’s macho refined layout with a modern twist. Pair this up with a watch and sunglasses on girlfriend are prepared for a boating extravaganza or a casual stroll in the city center. 

Basically, with black jeans, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Black chinos

While jeans carry out firmer framework than chinos, i beg your pardon are likewise made of cotton, castle are thought about to be more dressy than jeans. The fabric has a twill weave, which permits them come strike a happy balance somewhere in between smart attire and comfortable casual pants.

This means you can combine your black color chinos with anything from white brogues to ‘oh-so-popular’ minimalist chunky trainers a la Balenciaga. Together for the top, a vivid T-shirt or a button-down shirt space equally appropriate options, relying on the degree of formality you want to assume.

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Of course, because that the ultimate, fresh turn off the Vetements runway, friend could combine normcore aspects like a white baseball cap through white chunky brand-new Balance shoes or animal leather low-top sneakers through black chinos for a touch that suaveness. 

Tracksuit pants and also joggers

While plenty of wouldn’t even take into consideration tracksuit pants and also joggers together a viable choice to wear anywhere yet in the gym, thanks to society media networks and celebrities that have actually approved this trend, tracksuit pants room a tendency to die for. This ‘dress code-bending’ has actually sprung increase from the 90s i know good hop community and also other subculture movements in urban such as new York, London, Paris, Berlin, and also even Seoul. 


Unlike in the past when fashion to be dictated mainly by big fashion designers, the trendsetters in the civilization we live in now don your tracksuits proud in the suburbs that metropolises. Lonsdale, Adidas, and also North confront sportswear are the leading brands the the european youth fashion, vice versa, Nike, Supreme and also Off-White power supreme almost everywhere the globe. 

There are many quality brands that have entered history by developing white sporting activities shoes. Also, they come in so numerous shapes, sizes and also textures unlike other varieties of shoes, and also due to that quality, castle have become the essential area of attention for plenty of a fashion aficionado.

If you are all set to run on the bandwagon, think about that similar to extremely official occasions that require you to pair suiting v nothing else yet black dress shoes, incredibly informal tracksuits and joggers are mainly matched v trainers or sneakers. 

Of course, no need to cite that the difference lies in the fact that you can choose any type of color of footwear that concerns mind. However, black color tracksuit pants walk wonderfully with white footwear, and, it have to be noted, this combination makes for a slightly much more composed look together it is consisted of of just two colors. 

The black color pants and white shoes experience

All in all, this combination will work-related wonders for you together it will permit you to get out of your comfort zone when retaining a polished and well-thought-out signature style. Enjoy the black and also white experience!