Sonia Montejano takes no nonsense together bailiff the the renowned court show “Hot Bench.” Montejano call on virtually two decades of law enforcement suffer to store things to run smoothly between judges and also litigants. Michael Reel the Reel city News recently caught up through Montejano in ~ the “Hot Bench” studio. Montejano explained that she training “comes right into play as soon as it needs to” when things get too hot in the courtroom. 

Sonia Montejano serves as the bailiff on CBS tv Distribution’s syndicated court show HOT BENCH, produced by referee Judy Sheindlin. HOT BENCH reverted for its 4th season top top Monday, September 11, 2017. Throughout the 2016-17 season, HOT BENCH was the # 3 first-run regimen in daytime television, delivering 3.2 million everyday viewers.

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Montejano is a aboriginal of northern Mexico and also grew up in Los Angeles, where she quiet resides. She attended California State college Los Angeles and then moved right into a career in regulation enforcement. It was Montejano’s desire to have a positive effect on gender equality, and her strong sense of justice, that led she to this decision. In ~ the period of 21, she i graduated from Rio Hondo Police Academy. She very first became a Deputy with the Los Angeles county Marshal’s Department where she to be assigned come the enforcement of civil judgments. Once the department linked with the Los Angeles Sheriffs, Deputy Montejano was advocated to an elderly Deputy and also remained assigned to Court services Division. In this role, she managed personnel and courthouse operations. Her strategy an abilities were invaluable in preparing protection plans because that high-profile court cases, and also it was throughout her tenure at the Beverly Hills Courthouse that she became involved in celebrity criminal trials, consisting of those of actress Winona Ryder and also singer Courtney Love.

Producers that “Judge Joe Brown” noticed her at those trials and offered her the place of bailiff on the syndicated show. After nearly two decades on the force, Montejano retirement to accept the job in 2006. She continued to be on the regime until the show ended its run in 2013.

In she spare time, Montejano enjoys outdoor tasks including jogging, hiking and also mountain biking. She is also active in historical preservation and also has revitalized several residences to their original Spanish resurgence style. She is an energetic member of The Glendale Historical society where she had actually served together a plank member because that nine years and also was the manager of the physicians House, a Victorian residence Museum. Montejano speaks with kids of all ages at assorted schools ~ above the importance of education and also has invested time promoting literature by reading to young students. She has likewise taught process on courtesy to accumulate confidence in young human being to accomplish their goals.

Montejano is fluent in Spanish, is one avid chess player, photographer and traveler and was a flamenco dancer for 10 years.

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HOT BENCH is produced by referee Judy Sheindlin and also executive developed by David Theodosopoulos. Amy Freisleben and also Belinda Jackson space co-executive producers. Patricia DiMango, Tanya Acker and also Michael Corriero comprise the three-judge panel. HOT BENCH is produced by huge Ticket Pictures and also Queen bee Productions. The is distributed by CBS television Distribution.

“Hot Bench” Bailiff Sonia Montejano is pictured with Michael Reel, Reel city News adhering to on-set exclude, profile. Photograph Credit: Reggie Simon, Reel urban Images