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Born February 16, 1972 inSt. Louis, Missouri, USA
Birth NameSarah vivid Clarke
Height 5"4"(1.63m)
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Actress buy it Clarke to be born and raised in Missouri, the middle child the Carolyn and Ernest Clarke, one engineer. She has actually an older and younger brother. She was educated at man Burroughs college in St. Louis, Missouri, and also went on to Indiana university to research Fine Arts and also Italian. Throughout Clarke"s senior year at university she learned in Bologna, Italy, and it was here she started an attention in acting. Once she came ago to the USA, Clarke uncovered work together an architectural photographer. The story goes the she got free acting lessons at an art center, in exchange for taking photos because that them. Clarke relocated to brand-new York and continued examining acting with miscellaneous companies, consisting of Circle in the Square Theatre School.Clarke"s display debut came in a Volkswagen television commercial dubbed "Synchronicity", which go on to victory awards. She worked steadily in TV and film prior to earning her huge break once she was cast as Nina Myers in the smash struggle 24 (2001). It was while functioning on this that Clarke met her future husband, Xander Berkeley. Various roles have followed, notably as Renée, Bella Swan"s mom in the hugely successful Twilight (2008) and also its sequels.

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family members (2)
Spouse Xander Berkeley (7 September2002 - present) (2 children)
parental Carolyn Clarke, Ernest
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A aboriginal of St. Louis, Missouri, she began acting in the theatre while working as an architectural photographer. In her first short film, Pas de deux (2000), she won superb Performance award at the Brooklyn film Festival.
Both she and her husband, actor Xander Berkeley, have actually played turncoat federal government agents who aid terrorists effort to kill the president of the united States. Clarke top top the TV series 24 (2001), and also Berkeley in the movie Air force One (1997).
In one of her guest appearances ~ above 24 (2001), Clarke"s character, Nina"s (fake) passport photo is brought up ~ above a display screen during a CTU meeting, and the name beside the picture reads "Sarah Berkeley," Clarke"s married name. The information presented on the passport, however, is no Clarke"s real details (birthdate, etc).
She is a member the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. She to be initiated right into the Beta (Indiana) chapter in 1990.
appeared with husband Xander Berkeley top top 24 (2001) throughout the an initial two seasons, although lock rarely common a scene. They got married little less than 2 months prior to the premiere that season two.

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Mother, v husband Xander Berkeley, that daughters Olwyn Harper (b. September 23, 2006), and Rowan Harper (b. March 30, 2010).