Booking.com's commercial for the era the Trump: there’s nothing an ext important to me than my vacation

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If girlfriend watch any kind of live TV you’ve viewed this commercial. It shows a kindergarten teacher that is clearly incompetent, and is not also trying to control the berserk kids in her classroom. In fact, she’s oblivious come them. She say’s “there’s nothing more important to me than my vacation.” noticeable her job isn’t at all important to her.

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Let’s see exactly how it uses to chairman Donald J. Trump:

* prefer this teacher he has actually no capacity to execute the job he was “hired” for.

* he is plainly unable to deal effectively with those around him engaging in crazy and dangerous behavior.

* He’d much fairly be on vacation.

The worst teacher ever. Would any parent want their kid to have their kindergarten teach be choose her? What might the world at Booking been reasoning of?

And much more important by far, what can the voters who chosen Trump been thinking of.

I vote for a irreversible vacation for both that them. Perhaps Trump could invite the teacher to Mar-a-Lago.

Thursday, Jul 13, 2017 · 4:01:19 to be +00:00 · HalBrown

Wikipedia: Controversy and also criticism

Booking.com receive a steady stream of customer complaints and an unfavorable reviews. Together of April 2017, the BBB file <30> lists 657 customer complaints and also 17 an unfavorable reviews, greatly citing bad service as well as advertising and also billing issues. Many of the complaints are cleared up by the firm by giving a customer refund, but no reimbursement is detailed for shuttered plans and major inconvenience come customers.

In September 2012, the united Kingdom"s vain authority, the Office of same Trading (OFT), issued a explain of objections versus Booking.com, the direct contender Expedia and also the hotel chain IHG.<31> The OFT alleged the Booking.com and also Expedia had gotten in into different arrangements through IHG which minimal the online travel agent"s capacity to discount the price the room just hotel accommodation. Booking.com, Expedia and also IHG do a proposal come the OFT to readjust their restrictions. The OFT welcomed the proposal but it was later rejected through a greater authority at a tribunal.<32>

In march 2014, Booking.com sent out a inquiry to Ukrainian and Crimean many hotels to clarification if they have actually connections come Viktor Yanukovych and 17 various other Ukrainians, that the europe Union had enforced sanctions upon. EU service providers are prohibited from delivering out organization with sanctioned individuals.<33> Booking.com’s plot aroused deprecation native its Russian competitors.<34>

At the start of November 2014, the was recognized that by accessing Booking.com reservations, criminals were able to obtain customer details through demands for prepayment. Booking.com said it to be countering the fraudsters and refunding client from the UK, US, France, Italy, the UAE and also Portugal, every one of which had been affected. Since the fraud, Booking.com has actually made changes so data have the right to only it is in accessed native a computer linked come the hotel"s server. Its teams have additionally worked to "take down" dozens the phishing sites, and working with some banks to freeze the money mule bank accounts.<35> In February 2015, an open letter released by German hotelier Marco Nussbaum, Co-founder and CEO of the budget-design hotelbrand "prizeotel", the brand hijacking the Booking.com met solid criticism. His letter outlined details relating come the Google Adwords policy of Booking.com was doing damages to his business. The letter was debated in professional media and led to a debate concerning current difficulties and challenges because that online circulation within the hotel industry.<36>

In April 2015 French, Swedish and also Italian vain authorities accepted a proposal through Booking.com to drop its "rate parity" clause and thereby permit competitor travel agents to offer reduced hotel prices 보다 Booking.com.<37> Booking.com additional agreed come extend and apply that is proposal across all EU states.<38> Hotels space still prevented from discounting prices directly on their own websites.<39>

Booking.com stays under investigation by compete authorities in the joined Kingdom, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Sweden and Switzerland.<40> The EU has actually warned that Booking.com and Tripadvisor may have reached market dominance beyond the point of no return.

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In march 2017, Turkish Court halted activities of Booking.com as result of violation that Turkish vain law.<42>