Gula expose forbidden secrets to the protagonist and also Skuld while Luxu goads Ava right into making a failure in Kingdom mind Union Cross.

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Keyblade War component 2
Aced has asserted open battle on the remainder of the Foretellers. The understand of masters told that to step up and also take the location of "leader" if he ever before felt that Ira wasn"t as much as the task, and also he has determined to go about doing so utilizing sheer force. Not just that, as soon as he wins, he plans come banish the remainder of the Foretellers, take it over your Unions, and unite the people under his rule. The protagonist, Skuld, and also Chirithy room scrambling to uncover a method to stop this, and also they think the answer lies v the currently lacking Master Ava, who they think Master Gula may understand the ar of.

This creating covers and also explains the second part of the Keyblade War. Kingdom understanding Union Cross hosts the event as a collection of pursuits told across three parts. These quests are separate from the main Kingdom hearts Union Cross storyline because that meta reasons, together what wake up in lock is wiped indigenous the minds of everyone save for a pick group that individuals. However, whatever that occurs within them is quiet cannon. Spoiler ahead.

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Gula and also The lost Page

kingdom hearts union x cross finding gula
Gula greets the protagonist, Skuld, and also Chirithy when they come at the storage residence he likes to frequent. The truth that they"re not collecting Lux provides it noticeable to him that they"re associated with the Dandelions, and also as such, should be trying to find Ava. He describes to them the Ava went out trying to find Master Luxu, their other sixth apprentice. Luxu disappeared best after the grasp of Masters, so Ava"s hoping he"ll be able to tell her whereby the understand went, together he"s the only one with the power to placed a protect against to the war.

Gula himself doesn"t have any type of hope that the war will stop, though, due to the fact that he fail to lug out the function the master assigned come him. He was claimed to use and also interpret something called the shed Page to discover out that the traitor among the Foretellers was. The shed Page is a paper from the book of Prophecies the the Master offered to Gula. The understand told Gula the the page was ripped indigenous the publications of every other Foreteller, therefore as far as Gula knows, he"s the only one alive in possession that it.

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Gula was supposed to use the materials of the page to find out who the traitor among the Foretellers was since the traitor is the catalyst of the Keyblade War. Essentially, the Master gave Gula the hardest task of the Foretellers. Gula thinks that the page pointed to understand Aced, however Gula failed to prevent him from going v with his plan to take end the world. Even if he succeeded, though, it can not have actually stopped the war because Gula"s not a hundred percent sure that Aced in reality is the traitor.

shed Page Translations

kingdom understanding union x cross lost page gula
Gula admits he"s not claimed to be informing the team anything around the shed Page, however the world"s going come end, one of two people way, so he doesn"t see the point in keeping secrets any type of longer. As such, that recites i from the page for the group to hear: "Imbalanced observed, strength misplaced, a future filled v sorrow," and also "Words of truth misunderstood as they discover the tricks of tomorrow." specifically what these typical is a mystery, yet educated guesses have the right to be made.

"Imbalanced observed" points to the Foretellers" exploration of Nightmare Chirithy, which in turn leads them to think there"s a traitor among them. "Strength misplaced" describes the Foretellers utilizing their union to gather more Lux than the other. "A future filled v sorrow" describes how every one of these things lead to the inevitable finish of the people as anyone knows it. As for "Words of truth misunderstood together they check out the tricks of tomorrow," it most likely refers to the Foretellers misreading the book of Prophecies. The book warned castle of a Keyblade War, and also they offered it to try and prevent said war from happening, yet in act so, they actually prompted it.

after ~ reciting these two, Gula recites a third: "With a solitary strike, toy fee the bell and herald the end. Lug war upon us as fate walk intend." together if on cue, everyone hears the bell toy fee outside, signifying the nothing can stop the Keyblade battle anymore. Together such, Gula speak the group to get ago to your Unions, together their leaders will assemble them soon.

Ava and also Luxu

kingdom mind union x overcome luxu ava conversation
Ava in reality manages to uncover Master Luxu. When Gula discusses the shed Page with the group, she find him sitting on a cliff overlooking Daybreak Town. Having not viewed him in virtually a year, she asks the obvious question of wherein he"s been, and to her regret, he answers. The grasp of master tasked him through watching how events would unfold once he disappeared. Uneven the Foretellers, Luxu didn"t receive a copy of the book of Prophecies. Instead, he to be told to naturally make his means to the future created in the Book. Once he witnessed the end of the world, the would move onto the next.

that knows the Ava was trying to find him through the hope that he might lead she to the Master, that would then put a protect against to the war, but Luxu can"t assist her. The can"t due to the fact that the master doesn"t care about the fate that the world, and in fact, wants it to end. Luxu knows this because he was offered a copy the the book of Prophecies" shed Page, and it defines the Master"s intentions. Right now, the grasp is act what he needs to execute to make sure Luxu can satisfy his role.

The Traitor

kingdom hearts union x cross ava luxu battle
Ava doesn"t think that the understand would cause or allow such a tragedy come occur and demands the Luxu tell her what the lost Page says and who the traitor is because she suspects it"s him. Prior to answering her question, Luxu summons his Keyblade, together the shed Page has already told that what wake up next. He allowed Ava to uncover him just to bring about the moment. Kingdom understanding Union Cross doesn"t show what Luxu says, but judging by Ava"s denial and the events that unfold ~ that, he speak her that she"s the traitor.

Luxu says Ava struggle in the war if she yes, really doesn"t believe him. If there"s another truth, she"ll discover it when the dust has actually settled. That wonders, though, if it ever before crossed Ava"s mind that the understand didn"t entrust them their duties to shot and save the world yet to see how their hearts would certainly tell them come go around fulfilling your tasks. It hadn"t. In fact, the idea the the grasp actually want the Keyblade battle distresses master Ava so lot that she actually assaults Luxu, completely going against her viewpoint of not using her weapon with fatal intent against another wielder.

She strikes Luxu with so much force that the shockwave produced from she Keyblade conference his blooms the end for miles. It stretches out from the outskirts of Daybreak town to its center, where it reasons the clock tower"s bell come toll, subsequently fulfilling the "With a single strike, toll fee the bell and also herald the end. Carry war upon united state as fate walk intend," i of the shed Page.

Kingdom mind Union Cross is accessible on IOS and also Andriod.

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