Whole grain flour has all components of the grain except for the ___.a. endospermb. heartc. germd. huske. bran

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calories from which of these foodstuffs would many likely be part of someone"s discretionary calories allowance?a. raw carrotsb. jamc. watermelond. green beanse. brussels sprouts
nutrient dense describes foods items that __.a. are greater in weight relative to volumeb. carry out even more nutrients family member to kcaloriesc. contain a mixture of carbohydprice, fat, and proteind. provide the the majority of protein for the consumer"s food dollare. carry the USDA nutrition labeling
what two major nutrients are supplied by the fruit group?a. protein and also calciumb. vitamins A and Cc. Vitamin K and magnesiumd. B vitamins and also irone. Vitamins D and also E
By consuming a selection of vegetables eincredibly day you contribute every one of the adhering to to your diet EXCEPT ___.a. potassiumb. folatec. niacind. vitamin Ce. magnesium
the principle of giving foods in propercent to one an additional and also in propercentage to the body"s needs is recognized as ___.a. balanceb. nutrient profilingc. moderationd. nutrient densitye. calorie control
vegan diets exclude what kind of productsa. soy productsb. legumesc. seedd. all pet productse. nuts
which vitamin is discovered only in pet obtained foodsa. vitamin db. vitamin cc. vitamin b12d. vitamin ae. vitamin e
in the usda food trends, in which food team are legumes founda. proteinb. fruitsc. dairyd. oilse. grains
what is frequently a characteristic of a vegetarian diet?a. fiber intake is lowerb. fat intake is higherc. intakes of vitamin a and also c are lowerd. vitamin b12 intake is lowere. iron intake is higher
A food label that advertises the product as a "rich resource of fiber" is an example of a ___.a. peer reviewed research study claimb. weight reduction claimc. framework feature claimd. health claime. nutrient claim
what is the first tip from the "2015-2020 dietary guidelines for Americans that encourages healthy and balanced eating patterns?a. proper calorie levels assistance enough nutrition, excellent health, and a healthy and balanced body weight throughout lifeb. to be sure and limit their intake of included sugars, saturated fats, sodium, and also alcoholic beveragesc. focusing on range, nutrient density, and also amounts helps a perkid fulfill nutrient demands within calorie limitsd. that all segments of our society have actually a role to play in sustaining healthy and balanced choicese. civilization will certainly have to make shifts in their food and also beverage selections to accomplish a healthy and balanced eating pattern
selecting a selection of protein foods items, including seafood in location of meat or poultry twice a week, will administer which vitamin?a. seleniumb. riboflavinc. fiberd. folatee. niacin
which statement explains a function of iron nutrition in vegetarians?a. iron utilization is inhibited by the high zinc content in grainsb. vegetarians adapt to soaking up iron more efficientlyc. the absorption of iron is low due to the high vitamin C intaked. more iron deficiency is found in vegetarians than in civilization eating a blended diete. tbelow are no distinctions in iron intake or utilization in vegetarians
a famous term used to signify foodstuffs that add energy yet lack protein, vitamins, and also minerals is ___.a. calorie controlb. varietyc. sustainable dietsd. modeprice foodse. empty kcalorie foods
A food label ingredient list reads in the following order: Wwarm flour, vegetable shortening, sugar, salt, and also cornstarch. What item would certainly be found in the smallest amount in the food?a. saltb. vegetable shorteningc. wheat flourd. cornstarche. sugar
which food item is a healthy and balanced choice for protein in the USDA food patterns?a. luncheon meatsb. marbled meatsc. sweet potatoesd. nutse. bacon
the diet planning principle that ensures that a diet provides all the nutrients, fiber, and energy in amounts adequate to maintain health and wellness is called ___.a. nutrient densityb. adequacyc. kcalorie controld. moderatione. variety
what frequently contain more saturated and trans fats than a lot of oils?a. kcalorie controlb. solid fatsc. included sugarsd. carbohydratese. proteins

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