a. Took responsibility for reforming the spiritual life of his kingdom just as that reformed that is government.

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b. Was cautious to watch the distinguish between spiritual and politics authority developed by Saint Augustine of Hippo.

c. Placed the Frankish church under the manage of the pope, while he rule the kingdom politically.

d. Came to be a monk at the end of his life, hence ensuring his very own salvation.

e. Developed his empire as a theocratic state ruled by the laws collection forth in the Bible.

took responsibility for reforming the spiritual life that his kingdom simply as that reformed that is government


Why walk Justinian try to reconquer the western roman inn Empire?

a. The Persians had actually been defeated in the East, so he could safely launch military explorations to the West.

b. He thought that he must be the head of a linked Christian church.

c. He necessary to store his military as much away from his funding as possible.

d. He sought to revive and reconstruct wholly the old empire.

e. His empire required continuing occupations in order to prosper.

because the sought come revive and also reconstruct completely the old empire


A pandemic broke out in 541–42 i beg your pardon has come to be recognized as:

a. The sickness that the East.

b. The scourge that the Goths.

c. Belisarius’s gift.

d. Oh my gosh Revenge.

e. The Justinianic Plague.

the Justinianic Plague.


The Carolingian Empire broke down during the 9th century:

a. Due to the fact that of the division of the empire amongst all the legitimate heirs of Louis and also the Frankish aristocracy’s dissatisfaction with the fractured main authority.

b. The decline of the moral habits of Charlemagne’s heirs.

c. Islamic penetration of its southerly frontier.

d. Since the Byzantines attacked to punish Charlemagne for accepting the location of emperor.

e. Russian press in the east pushing other tribes toward Italy.

because of the division of the empire amongst all the legitimate heirs that Louis and also the Frankish aristocracy"s dissatisfaction with the fractured central authority.


One result of the campaigns of Belisarius in phibìc Africa and Italy was:

a. The alliance that the Vandals and also the Visigoths versus the Romans.

b. His effective seizure that power ago in Constantinople.

c. The weakening that Constantinople versus the Sassanids.

d. The near extinction of the Christian faith in the West.

e. The breakthrough of a affluent and powerful Italy.

the weakening that Constantinople versus the Sassanids.


The stability of oriental government was the product of:

a. An effective bureaucracy.

b. The function of the abbeys in byzantine politics.

c. A predictable device of succession to the royal throne.

d. Unregulated wages and also prices.

e. A highly central palace government.

an efficient bureaucracy.


In the late sixth century C.E., the economy of Arabia:

a. Was virtually nonexistent because of Arabia’s domination by the oriental Empire.

b. To be still virtually entirely consisted of of nomadic Bedouins.

c. Was based on the production of figs, wool, and also goats in ~ desert oases.

d. Remained in a state of crisis lugged on through the invasion of Huns.

e. Ended up being much more commercially innovative as a result of the wars between Byzantium and also Persia transforming trade routes.

became much an ext commercially advanced as a an outcome of the wars in between Byzantium and Persia transforming trade routes.


It is daunting to day the beginning of Byzantine history with precision because:

a. Greek was the just language ever before used by Roman kings in Constantinople.

b. Justinian resisted new forms the thought and art throughout his life.

c. It began during the so-called Dark Ages during which very couple of records to be kept.

d. Constantine never ever administered the Roman realm from Constantinople.

e. The oriental Empire was the uninterrupted follower of the roman Empire.

the byzantine Empire to be the uninterrupted successor of the roman Empire.


Underlying the Carolingian Renaissance was the simple conviction that:

a. Original Latin poetry and epic literary works were the highest form of art.

b. To be better Christians, everyone should pray and devote their lives to the Church.

c. The bible could be ideal appreciated if the were analyzed into robust French and German idioms.

d. Appropriate Christian doctrine should be widely disseminated and heretical ideas should it is in strictly punished.

e. Classical learning was the foundation on i m sorry Christian wisdom rested.

classical learning was the foundation on which Christian wisdom rested.


Pope Gregory I:

a. Refuse the usage of penance.

b. Totally accepted the religious authority that the patriarch that Constantinople.

c. Go not care at all for monasteries or exactly how they were operated.

d. Failed to defend the papacy against the Lombards.

e. Significantly progressed Benedictine monasticism as the significant monastic activity in the West.

significantly progressed Benedictine monasticism together the significant monastic motion in the West.


Many the the regional populations in Byzantium and also Persia:

a. Perceived the Arab armies as deliverers.

b. Made decision to go suicide quite than expropriate Arab rule.

c. Were instantly forced to convert to Islam when they dropped into Arab hands. D. Were even much more heavily taxed by the Arabs than previously.

e. Converted Arab soldiers to either Christianity or Zoroastrianism.

viewed the Arab militaries as deliverers.


The early oriental religion was recognized for its:

a. Extreme interest in matters of doctrine and also orthodoxy.

b. Denial of the emperor as the leader the the Church.

c. Doctrinal merging of elements from Christianity and also Islam.

d. Beautifully decorated churches.

e. Capability to enforce spiritual doctrine throughout the eastern empire.

intense interest in matters of doctrine and also orthodoxy.


The byzantine economy in the early on Middle ages was:

a. Subject to wild fluctuations early out to currency debasement.

b. Depressed because of being reduced off from trade with north Europe.

c. Industrially underdeveloped.

d. Renowned for its usage of paper money.

e. Very regulated, consisting of wage and price controls.

highly regulated, consisting of wage and price controls.


Why to be so numerous convents (monastic houses for women) founded throughout the seventh century C.E.?

a. Convents met a range of social and spiritual requirements for aristocratic families. B. Lower-class women flocked to convents together an development on the drudgery of your lives.

c. Nuns to be the just women allowed to end up being priests.

d. Convents were a means for the families that founded them to do money.

e. All of these.

Convents met a variety of social and spiritual demands for aristocratic families.


In 800 Charlemagne:

a. Executed Alcuin the York for treason.

b. Established his most famous monastery in Paris.

c. Welcomed the crown and also title of divine Roman emperor.

d. Passed away without one heir.

e. Got into Byzantium.

accepted the crown and also title of divine Roman emperor.


An vital figure who established several Merovingian monasteries was:

a. Clovis.

b. Aethelbert.

c. Columbanus.

d. Gregory of Scotland.

e. Pepin.



Why go the Romans that Italy and also North Africa resent Justinian’s initiatives to "liberate" them?

a. There to be a heavy price in taxes and also lives.

b. Lock sought to be their very own Roman realm independent of the eastern roman Empire.

c. Lock had currently formed democratic republics.

d. The rule of the Ostrogoths was more liberal and tolerant 보다 Byzantium.

e. Lock had currently left the Christian religion and were content without it.

There to be a heavy price in taxes and lives.


The militaries of Abu-Bakr were able to broaden Islam northward the end of Arabia largely because of:

a. The assistance Jewish communities gave to Arab militaries during sieges of cities.

b. The superior rate of camels over steeds in battle.

c. Far better steel weapons.

d. The alliance that Persian forces against Byzantium.

e. The weak of Byzantine and Persian armies because of your wars against each other.

the weak of Byzantine and Persian armies because of your wars against each other.


Charlemagne was able to contain Umayyad strength in Europe by:

a. Proactively supporting the eastern empire in Constantinople.

b. Drawing upon Scandinavian militaries to assist defend his frontiers.

c. Preserving diplomatic and trade relationships with its rival the Abbasid Caliphate.

d. Supporting a number of rebellions by phibìc Africans against Islam.

e. Convert to Islam himself.

maintaining diplomatic and trade relations with its competitor the Abbasid Caliphate.


One difference in between Islam and also Christianity is that:

a. Christianity observed Islam together a reform variation of itself.

b. Believer did not discriminate versus Jews and Islam did.

c. Islam did no accept the teachings of any type of of the Jewish or Christian prophets.

d. Islam embraced icons even an ext enthusiastically than Christianity did.

e. Islam has no sacraments or priests.

Islam has actually no sacraments or priests.


Local lords and chieftains regularly granted monasteries special privileges:

a. To strengthen them versus the evangelism of Islam.

b. Due to the fact that monasteries often played a an essential role in economic breakthrough and prosperity in a region.

c. Come foster the medical research monasteries carried out to discover cures for the plague.

d. In bespeak to gain God’s favor versus invading eastern hordes.

e. Since wealth was thought about a cardinal sin.

because monasteries often played a crucial role in economic advance and prosperity in a region.


The civilization who took benefit of the weak of Italy as result of Justinian’s plans of reconquest to be the:

a. Ostrogoths.

b. Lombards.

c. Sassinids.

d. Franks.

e. Vandals.



As a an outcome of the Iconoclastic Controversy:

a. Political legitimacy to be fundamentally attached to the defense of spiritual tradition.

b. The east Church broke into two distinctive sects.

c. Every artwork and images in the eastern Church were banned from within churches.

d. Eastern queens were required to be completely neutral when it came to religious matters.

e. The leader of Christianity in the West ended up being the dominant faction in the eastern Church.

political legitimacy to be fundamentally linked to the defense of religious tradition.


Byzantine abbeys were deeply affiliated in the Iconoclastic controversy because:

a. They were major producers of icons, therefore they supported the use of images in the faith.

b. Castle thought icons distracted world from concentrating on God.

c. Lock faithfully supported Leo III.

d. They resented the revenues the secular sectors made from developing the icons.

e. Lock taught the the use of icons was a type of black magic.

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they were major producers that icons, therefore they sustained the usage of images in the faith.


Prior to Muhammad start to teach his prophecy and his new faith the Arabs: