Gary was a married guy. He had a secret that no body else knew, not even his wife, Samantha. He was a crossdresser who liked dressing up in women’s clothes since he was a young boy. Even after his marriage, he would dress up secretly inside the house in his wife’s clothes and undergarments time and again.

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Gary over time starts to dress more frequently inside the house. His wife, Samantha starts to suspect something is not right. Her clothes would sometimes be missing, usually her bra and knickers and the dresses would smell funny, like they had been worn by somebody else.So one day, she plans to leave the house while leaving Gary alone and returns to check up on him. She silently sneaks into the room and finds Gary dressed in her white bra and knickers.


Gary gets shocked to see her and can’t stop hiding his embarrassment. Samantha gets very angry at Gary for hiding this secret from her.

Then, Gary confess everything to Samantha about his crossdressing habit and how he has been secretly dressing up in her clothes. Samantha then takes out her phone and starts taking photos & videos of Gary, who is only dressed in undergarments.


Gary gets very scared and apologies to Samantha for not telling her earlier. Samantha, still angry at Gary, threatens to tell his friends and family about his crossdressing.

Gary begs her to keep it a secret and tells her he is willing to do anything for it. Samantha then decides to teach Gary a lesson for hiding such a big secret from her.

Samantha decides to feminize him and turn him into a sissy husband for a whole day and that too publicly. Samantha tells Gary that he would have to obey everything she tells him and she was going to completely feminize him and make him spend a whole day as a woman with her and her friends. Hearing that Gary gets very nervous but having no other option, he accepts the offer.Samantha then takes out a fresh pair of bra and knickers from her closet. Then she also takes out a sheer pantyhose and a red bodycon dress and tells Gary to get dressed up in them quickly. Gary does what she says. He feels very embarrassed and also nervous dressing up in front of his wife for the first time.

He keeps blushing the whole time while Samantha stares at him smiling. Then Samantha applies some makeup and makes Gary wear her high heels & also gives him a lady’s purse to carry.

After the makeover is done, Samantha takes Gary in-front of the mirror and says to look at it. Gary looks at the mirror and gets shocked at his own transformation. Samantha had really turned him into a woman.

Samantha then tells Gary that they would be steping out in public and walking all the way to the beauty parlor where he was going to be completely feminized.

Gary gets very hesitant to go out dressed like that but Samantha forces him.


The whole way to the parlor, many people stare at him and that makes Gary feel embarrassed and excited the whole time.

Samantha’s friend are waiting in the parlor. She had already told her friends about how she caught Gary crossdressing in her clothes over the phone.


When they see Gary, they start teasing him. Gary starts to blush even more. Then the ladies in the parlor starts feminizing him completely from head to toe.They curl his hair, give him a manicure, paint his nails, give him a full face wash and shave his whole body. Then they start putting heavy makeup on Gary and adds hair extensions to make the hair look more longer.


After the transformation is complete, Gary turns out looking really like a beautiful woman. Samantha and her friends are shocked to see him look so beautiful. They make Gary pose for photos and videos. Gary now completely in their control does whatever they say.

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He starts blushing more and more but secretly he is really enjoying the experience even though he is embarrassed of this sudden incident. He will never forget the day when his wife caught him crossdressing.