My Wii U gamepad has actually been suffering glitches v the buttons and also touch screen. Only the R&L and ZR and ZL buttons room working. Ns tried come restart, neturalize the control sticks, and re-sync the console however nothing worked :(

The gamepad to be fully-charged, cleaned and also has no crack or any kind of sort of damage done to it.

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I haven"t used it for over 5 months and I put in in ~ a safe ar with nothing touching it.

I purchased my Wii U native Target in 2012.

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I have actually the same problem. My sons display doesn’t respond come anything and also therefore every the games that have to use the gamepad can not be used!! We’ve changed the battery, cleaner the cracks through a toothbrush, re set, re started many times and also still nothing!!! has anyone changed the screen??



I recently had actually the same problem where nobody of the buttons functioned on my wii u (including the touchscreen) except for the x, b and also right analog stick. To fix it i took off the display protector and put it ago on and also it functioned properly for this reason there need to of been some call it to be sencing i m sorry interfered.


Want to update this 2020 , i have had the very same problem and also it"s one point that can cause these not working A,B,Y , touchscreen analogues and the D pad , i have had this problem on mine partner"s Wii u that I got her because that Christmas , not sure if something has been reduce on it yet here"s what"s wrong through your Wii u , if you have a screen saver take it off choose what Lucas has said , if that has not operated look and also examine your display with a touch placing it left to appropriate looking and also the screen from every angle this is come make sure there is naught trapped in the tiny gaps the screen has come the situation , most likely you have something grounding in the void if no there is a dent or deep scratch in your display , if this has happened to you (The A is to accept something and the B is come go back this can not occur if you had your finger or pen top top the screen since the console is handling it despite the touchpad not the buttons There because that if these buttons space not working yet some are, its cause your display has pressure so the console think your pushing it all the time