With the comparable size they have, E26 and E27 bulbs are frequently regarded as the exact same or interchangeable. Yet as a issue of fact, there are some difference between them, which space specially designed to fit corresponding lamp sockets at details voltage levels. To aid you do clear the difference between e26 bulb and also e27 bulb, then pick the appropriate one to securely fit her lamp holders, us made this short article here.
CONTENTS:The Intro come E26 Bulb and E27 BulbMechanical Differences in between E26 light Bulb and E27 light BulbElectrical safety and security Differences between E26 and E27

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one E26 bulb is any bulb or lamp v a E26 cap or base. The term E26 describes a light bulb's lid or base which is used for mounting to the light fixture and also getting electrical contact. The letter "E" in E26 refers to Edison Screw, the most standard of lamp bases, while the numerical "26" refers to its diameter in millimeters (about 1 inch). Based on this, E27 bulbs are just 1mm much longer than E26 bulbs in screw diameter. Many people may assume the E26 and E27 room the same or interchangeable. Indeed, E26 and also E27 space mechanically interchangeable however it does not necessarily meet the electric safety criter that the lamp and lampholders space designed for. That's because, E26 and also E27 standards room designed to entirely different voltage levels, which are 120V AC and 240V AC respectively. That said, E26 bulb bases receive voltage as much as 120VAC. Therefore E27 bulbs room safe to usage in E26 lampholders, if E26 bulbs will lead to quick circuits and also electrical fires when mounted in E27 lampholders. Actually, E26 & E27 bulbs have other slight differences that are carefully related to your applications.
Since higher voltage needs a more comprehensive separation that live and also neutral contacts, E27 bulbs have some significant differences from E26 bulbs in screw design, i beg your pardon are: as whole screw size Insulator cap height Screw diameter in ~ thread peak Live contact pad broad


Length the Screw (MIN)

Insulator cap Height

Screw Diameter at Thread Peak
Live call Pad Width
E26 light Bulb19.56mm3.25mm26.05mm - 26.41mm9.14mm - 11.56mm
E27 irradiate Bulb22.0mm5mm26.05mm - 26.45mm4.8mm-11.5mm

The difference in between E26 bulbs and E27 bulbs mentioned above seem inconsequential, however they space the vital features to determine which voltage level the bulbs are applicable to, or whether the bulbs satisfy the electrical safety standards that the lamps and lampholders are designed for. Normally, E26 lamps are designed for the north American and also other countries which generally use 120V AC, such together the unified States, Canada, Japan, Korea and also Taiwan, while E27 bulbs room widely provided for european countries and Australia where the voltage is 240V AC. Due to the fact that E27 bulbs work-related at greater voltage level, they have stricter demands on the separation distance to for sure a broader separation of live and also neutral contacts. Together the mechanical differences shown in the 2nd part, you have the right to see the E27 has a longer size of screw and more comprehensive thread trough diameter, which makes the screw exactly aligned to the socket and protects against moisture and debris indigenous entering the socket. Besides, E27 offers a taller insulator height to rise the distance between the live contact and also neutral screw base. Every these differences are subtle but far-ranging enough to alleviate the threat of brief circuiting and also electrical fires. In general, though E26 and also E27 bulbs are very similar, they room not necessarily interchangeable. Native an electric safety perspective, you’d far better use E26 bulbs for E26 sockets in ~ 120V AC and also E27 bulbs for E27 sockets at 240V AC. Hope this helps you do clear and also get the ideal bulb in your following purchase. Many thanks for reading!

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