Flowing wait responding come the difference between greater and reduced pressure is responding come the ________.a) Coriolis effectb) anticyclonec) pressure gradientd) intertropical convergencee) trade winds

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Of the weather elements below, i m sorry is the one of which we room usually LEAST conscious without the usage of weather instruments?a) moistureb) windc) temperatured) pressuree) we are very aware of every one of the above.
As debated in the video, air always moves from _____ atmospheric press regions come _____ atmospheric press regions.a)high; lowb)high; highc)low; highd)low; low
What usual household item is supplied in this video clip to show differences in atmospheric pressure?a) a deserve to of sodab) oil and also vinegar salad dressingc) a kitchen utensild) a balloone) silly Putty
As presented in the video, what reasons the item come deflate?Hintsa) It gets heated up, which reasons the air within to expand.b) It gradually seeps out over numerous hours.c) The greater pressure within the item forces the waiting out into the lower pressure the the room.d) once the passage is blocked, the air has nowhere rather to go.e) it explodes.
Which of the following problems would indicate high pressure?a) Converging windsb) Low thickness airc) an extremely cold surface ar temperaturesd) The polar fronte) A finish cloud cover
At Earth"s surface, warm temperatures are associated with ________.a) high pressureb) cyclonesc) anticyclonesd) low pressuree) adiabatic cooling
A "dynamic low" is created by ________.a) the strong rise of airb) really warm surface conditionsc) the strong descent that aird) very cold surface ar conditionse) many kilometers of smooth earth surface
The simple unit of pressure mapped top top weather maps is ________.a) miles per hourb) knotsc) micrometersd) millibarse) pounds every square inch
Wind speed may be about indicated through ________.a) the cardinal direction top top a weather mapb) analysis the hygrometerc) reading a barometerd) checking the thermometere) spacing of isobars on a weather map
________ space map present connecting points of same atmospheric pressure.a) Isothermsb) Isobarsc) Millibarsd) Contourse) Isohyets
Which element is corrected for on many maps that atmospheric pressure?a) altitudeb) Coriolis effectc) longituded) latitudee) wind
Coriolis impact exists due to the fact that ________.a) friction and pressure gradient are balancedb) geostrophic force and also gravity room balancedc) the planet rotatesd) heaviness existse) the earth is an oblate spheroid
The factor winds exist is ________.a) the unequal heating of the planet systemb) frictionc) Coriolis effectd) altitude differencese) because air is a mixture of gases
Which of the adhering to refers only to the horizontal motion of air?a) updraftb) the basic circulationc) windd) subsidencee) a balance of atmospheric forces
Wind rate is figured out by ________.a) latitudeb) press gradient forcec) parallaxd) random activities of gas moleculese) Coriolis effect
Which part of the United claims tends to have the greatest average wind speeds in all seasons?a) the Pacific Coastb) the great Lakesc) the Rocky Mountainsd) the good Plainse) new England
What room the surface conditions associated with one anticyclone?Hintsa) The wait is stationary, therefore the press cannot be measured.b) The wait is sinking and the press is high.c) The waiting is rising and also the press is low.d) The wait is sinking and the push is low.e) The wait is rising and the pressure is high.
A counterclockwise atmospheric circulation in the northern Hemisphere is well-known as a(n) ________.a) troposphereb) Coriolis effectc) anticycloned) cyclonee) press gradient
Sinking air the diverges as soon as it get Earth"s surface is closely linked with ________.a) the lack of Coriolis effectb) cyclonesc) tornadoesd) the lack of frictione) anticyclones
In a surface ar cyclone in the southern Hemisphere, winds spiral ________.a) counterclockwise and inwardb) clockwise and also inwardc) counterclockwise and also outwardd) clockwise and outwarde) come the west




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