Flowing air responding to the difference between higher and also reduced pressure is responding to the ________.a) Coriolis effectb) anticyclonec) press gradientd) intertropical convergencee) Trade winds

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Of the weather facets listed below, which is the one of which we are typically LEAST mindful without the use of weather instruments?a) moistureb) windc) temperatured) pressuree) We are extremely conscious of all of the over.
As discussed in the video, air always moves from _____ atmospheric push areas to _____ atmospheric press regions.a)high; lowb)high; highc)low; highd)low; low
What widespread household item is offered in this video to demonstrate distinctions in atmospheric pressure?a) a deserve to of sodab) oil and also vinegar salad dressingc) a kitchen utensild) a balloone) Silly Putty
As displayed in the video, what causes the item to deflate?Hintsa) It gets heated up, which causes the air inside to expand also.b) It progressively seeps out over many kind of hours.c) The higher push inside the item pressures the air out into the reduced press of the room.d) When the passage is blocked, the air has actually nowbelow else to go.e) It explodes.
Which of the adhering to conditions would certainly suggest high pressure?a) Converging windsb) Low thickness airc) Very cold surchallenge temperaturesd) The polar fronte) A finish cloud cover
At Earth"s surchallenge, heat temperatures are connected via ________.a) high pressureb) cyclonesc) anticyclonesd) low pressuree) adiabatic cooling
A "dynamic low" is produced by ________.a) the solid increase of airb) incredibly warm surchallenge conditionsc) the solid descent of aird) exceptionally cold surchallenge conditionse) many kind of kilometers of smooth Planet surface
The fundamental unit of push mapped on weather maps is ________.a) miles per hourb) knotsc) micrometersd) millibarse) pounds per square inch
Wind rate may be around indicated by ________.a) the cardinal direction on a weather mapb) analysis the hygrometerc) analysis a barometerd) checking the thermometere) spacing of isobars on a weather map
________ are map lines connecting points of equal atmospheric press.a) Isothermsb) Isobarsc) Millibarsd) Contourse) Isohyets
Which element is corrected for on many maps of atmospheric pressure?a) altitudeb) Coriolis effectc) longituded) latitudee) wind
Coriolis result exists because ________.a) friction and pressure gradient are balancedb) geostrophic force and gravity are balancedc) the Earth rotatesd) gravity existse) the Earth is an oblate spheroid
The factor winds exist is ________.a) the unequal heating of the Earth systemb) frictionc) Coriolis effectd) altitude differencese) bereason air is a mixture of gases
Which of the following refers only to the horizontal motion of air?a) updraftb) the general circulationc) windd) subsidencee) a balance of atmospheric forces
Wind speed is established by ________.a) latitudeb) pressure gradient forcec) parallaxd) random motions of gas moleculese) Coriolis effect
Which portion of the United States has a tendency to have the best average wind speeds in all seasons?a) the Pacific Coastb) the Great Lakesc) the Rocky Mountainsd) the Great Plainse) New England
What are the surchallenge problems associated via an anticyclone?Hintsa) The air is stationary, so the press cannot be measured.b) The air is sinking and the press is high.c) The air is increasing and also the pressure is low.d) The air is sinking and the press is low.e) The air is rising and the push is high.
A counterclockwise atmospheric circulation in the Northern Hemispright here is recognized as a(n) ________.a) troposphereb) Coriolis effectc) anticycloned) cyclonee) pressure gradient
Sinking air that diverges as soon as it reaches Earth"s surface is closely linked through ________.a) the absence of Coriolis effectb) cyclonesc) tornadoesd) the lack of frictione) anticyclones
In a surface cyclone in the Southern Hemispright here, winds spiral ________.a) counterclockwise and also inwardb) clockwise and inwardc) counterclockwise and outwardd) clockwise and outwarde) to the west
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Principles of Environmental Science: Inquiry and Applications7th EditionMary Ann Cunningham, William Cunningham

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