When you have success in several of your endeavors, that shouldn’t come as lot of a shock that civilization are going come come for you. This to be in component what the story of Sunday night’s episode of Wisdom the the Crowd was all about as Jeffrey Tanner challenged the possibility of his brand-new endeavor being bought out and monetized.

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This to be a story around capitalism and Tanner’s struggles to relocate from something throat to miscellaneous innovative but also personal. That didn’t begin Sophe because that the money; instead, the communication is a creation of passion, a device to assist the public settle crimes. In turn, he wishes that at some point it will aid to i found it the truth about his daughter’s death.

Tanner walk his best to defend himself and also Sophe this evening … but for the moment being it was to no avail. Jeffrey’s decision to hire Sara Morton once he did confirmed to be in violation that a contractual idea he came up through while in ~ his former company, which meant that they may actually own much of the code and also there is nothing he deserve to do around it.

Does this mean that Sophe together we know it is currently over — only a couple of episodes right into the series? us refuse to think that. What this storyline verified to united state tonight is that Jeffrey has actually his work reduced out for him make the efforts to reverse his own past actions, people that have actually seemingly doomed his brand-new venture.

The recent case

One the the various other interesting facets of this episode came via a chance to learn a little much more about the sustaining characters. Take, for example, Tommy Cavanaugh and also the close connection that he had to the primary case of the main tonight. ~ the fatality of a retired detective, the higher-ups test to store him away from the situation — largely and understandably due to the fact that they assumed he would certainly not be able to keep his eye ~ above the prize. The didn’t revolve out to be true — this was the type of case that no greater power can keep him away from.

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In the end, that still wasn’t Cavanaugh who took the lead on much of the situation — the didn’t have actually to. The main purpose that the police storyline this week was Cavanaugh realizing that similar to Sophe, he has a team around him that is maybe to help when the going it s okay tough. He’s one of those cops who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. In ~ the finish of the situation it was nice to view him lighten up and also go the end for a drink v Tanner. (Does anyone rather think that Tommy Cavanaugh’s name has to be motivated by Tom Cavanagh the actor?)

The new Ochoa reveal

In the closing minutes Tanner learned around a post from Ochoa about Mia’s murder — one that just so occurred to come the end the work he to be stabbed. Is the killing of Mia a cover-up? There’s her cliffhanger…

inter-base.net Verdict

Wisdom of the Crowd does still have work to do once it pertains to connecting the countless different aspects that it has actually going on. ~ all, you’ve obtained the police side of the story and the Sophe next — tonight, castle could’ve to be connected much more than lock were. Jumping ago and forth in between the 2 storylines to be a small jarring, but when they walk come together it certainly made things a little much more entertaining.