As the release date for Fast & Furious 9 draw closer, let’s easily take you earlier to this remarkable Furious 7 soundtrack indigenous Wiz Khalifa title “Go difficult Or walk Home” featuring Iggy Azalea.

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Go difficult or walk Home” is a track by American rapper Wiz Khalifa and also Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. It appears on the Furious 7: original Motion snapshot Soundtrack (2015) and also was available as an instant track ~ above pre-ordering the album via iTunes shop on February 17, 2015. The tune was created by The Featherstones. A 2nd version licensed has been granted “Go tough or walk Home component 2” special Khalifa, French Montana, Trey Songz and also Ty Dolla authorize was had as a bonus track on the deluxe variation of the soundtrack.

In February 2015, Atlantic records announced Furious 7: initial Motion snapshot Soundtrack, the musical companion to Universal’s activity film Furious 7, which would be released in stores and also at all virtual retailers on march 17, and with the movie opened in theaters and also IMAX top top April 3, 2015. The soundtrack became available for pre-order ~ above February 17 with pick pre-orders receiving immediate gratification downloads of the collection’s very first promotional singles, consisting of Khalifa and Azalea’s “Go tough or go Home.” The track had actually its exclusive debut ~ above Warner Music Group’s “Snapchat Discover” service, Atlantic’s very first audio premiere via the photo messaging application Snapchat’s brand-new portal. ~ the premiere, Khalifa tweeted Azalea about an upcoming video clip shoot for the track. In 2014, it had additionally been revealed through The Fast and also the Furious gibbs Vin Diesel that Azalea would certainly be make a cameo illustration on the seventh installment of the movie series.

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“Go tough or walk Home” debuted in ~ number one hundred on the us Billboard warm 100, becoming Khalifa’s twenty-seventh charting title and also Azalea’s eighth, and also at number thirty-seven on the Billboard hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs because that the week finishing February 22, 2015. Digital sales that the track fueled its come on the charts, logging 40,000 download in its an initial week out, landing a number twenty-seven bow ~ above Billboard’s Digital Songs. Buzz roughly the relax of the song likewise launched it onto the weekly Billboard Twitter top Tracks chart, whereby it entered at number ten. The track re-entered the Billboard hot 100 date April 25, 2015, at number eighty-six, with a fairly equal split of increasing sales (27,000, increase 39 percent) and streams (1.7 million, increase 68 percent). – Wikipedia

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Some Quotable Lyrics

I feel prefer the skies is fall downAin’t nobody right here to beat aroundPush it come the edge, i won’t ago downCause it’s time to go hard or go homeOne way up, no method outI give it all, every for the familyWe stay up, no bail outsGive it all, all for the familyGet full Lyrics Here