Wonder WomanSeason 3 episodes 23 and also 24: “The Phantom of the Roller Coasters” parts 1 and 2Original airdates: Sept. 4 and Sept. 11, 1979

Noel: Well, this episode has everything: Disfigured Vietnam vets, roller coaster stock footage, one orphan, spying on people, the Watergate hotel, a cripple, and Wonder Woman’s motocross outfit (which is simply her underwater outfit with helmet and also goggles).

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What did you think?

Kerensa: I median I i think they believed they were getting another season? cause it seems favor a supervisor weird illustration to finish a season on.

But the illustration really go have everything in it–there were components that were pretty an excellent and others that were kinda whatever.

Did you prefer it?

Noel: Well, this illustration was filmed before the illustration was discussed last mainly — to speak hi/good bye come Steve! — yet was aired after ~ it, making that the finale the the show! Again, who cares?

I thought it to be okay. It didn’t feel together padded together their various other two-parters have, which was good. My favorite bits were the the scarred Gurney brother and that someone would buy whole amusement park to usage it as an info trafficking spot, i m sorry struck me as particularly brilliant.

Kerensa: I believed it was it s okay as well.

Right? The entirety time i was choose an AMUSEMENT PARK, really?! i really liked the scarred Gurney brother together well–very Phantom the the Opera/David Lynch-esque. And I particularly liked his rapport v Randy the missing kid. When they talked about making roller coasters was just such a good moment. And I liked the kinda mentor relationship it kinda established.

What did friend like about the brother?

Noel: One point that we discussed at the start of Season 2 was just how the present couldn’t gain away from people War II immediately, and also how it played with those plots — resurrecting Hitler, internment camps — to kind of resolve its own past. To that end, ns was happy to see the show resolve another, more contemporary war. The id of the scarred brothers hiding out because he was afraid the what people would think of his appearance gives a nice way of visualizing the shame/isolation numerous a Vietnam vet feeling after they returned. The display hit the right notes on this, ns think, through the younger generation through Randy, being cool v him, and Diana, in both her personae, encouraging that to it is in proud, no matter what. It’s an excellent stuff, without actually being heavy-handed.

I was choose that about the amusement park, too! ns was happy they assignment it the end for me, though ns refuse to think that the dumbass computer system figured it out. I was wait for the display just to make up some really dumb factor why Fynch want it, however the actual factor made feeling in a clever way that the display doesn’t constantly demonstrate.

What else operated for girlfriend this week?

Kerensa: i agree–I assumed it well balanced it really well, specifically considering the we room so used this present being very heavy handed v topics the it doesn’t have to be with.

I was glad the spelled it the end for me together well. I most likely would have actually never construed why he want this park the to me seemed a small run down and kinda whatever. I maintained wondering why is this together a thing for him! as soon as I should have been like plainly IT IS A FRONT for SOMETHING. Ns remember reading around this pizza buffet that I saw in college was a drug front and also was closed under a couple years after i graduated. So ns should have really figured that similar things to be happening v this park.

Well, all the roller coaster/theme park stock footage they offered was really kinda funny. Mostly because they supplied SO lot of it. One scene I carry out want come talk about was as soon as the hitmen went after Diana in that car chase scene which to be a nice brutal auto wreck. I know that Diana/Wonder Woman are pretty indestructible, yet it was a poor enough accident that I believed it should have actually least stunned Diana more than the did especially enough to where it would have actually been daunting for she to change into Wonder Woman–let alone acquire out of that car!

What did girlfriend think about that scene? to be I simply being extremely nitpicky?

Noel: I don’t think you’re gift nitpicky as that first episode was a little extreme through the automotive violence. There to be the car crash at the finish of the episode, i beg your pardon is what you’re outlining, and also there was the car and motorbike follow that connected Wonder mrs kicking a Jeep down a an extremely steep hill, but the male is a-okay! It to be doubly weird due to the fact that the action in that an initial episode was really pretty an excellent with the auto chases (I’m they’re not Rockford level car chases, yet whatever), but the effects of those vehicle chases to be a tiny too family-friendly, possibly.

The plot needed spelling the end to it is in sure, but it payment off real dividends, in between the foiled bombing attempt and also then hypersonic sabotage. They actually controlled to obtain a many well-structured mileage out of this. I say well-structured since the computer system monitoring the tension of the at sight Loop (I love how everyone said super Loop together if it were the many ridiculous thing the world) was introduced pretty early compared to once the hypersonic maker was introduced instead the computer just beeping madly once it was time for Wonder mrs to do something.

Which is usually something the show can pull of, if the script was composed by anne Collins. We’ve actually watched a variety of her illustration (I think 6, including these two), and also she served as the show’s story editor and also later consultant end the courses of Season 2 and also 3. Indeed, the last five episodes the this season were created by her. She likewise worked extensively on Matlock, and also was still working approximately a few ago, composing for the Nancy Drew computer games! ns think that’s a nice neat career trajectory, really.

Kerensa: Yeah, the activity with both to be really great but then favor you said, so family-friendly in their aftermath.

It was certainly one of the better executed plots on the show I think. I believed all the super Loop stuff to be pretty cool and also I laughed a lot throughout the scene wherein Fynch is displayed the hypersonic machine and then bends the metal it’s destroyed. His reaction come it to be so funny.

That is a good career trajectory! ns was supervisor excited to watch that this last episode was written by a lady.

What else stood out for you? i really enjoyed the scene wherein Diana and Steve were having lunch together and also listening to the .50 cent piece as soon as they overhear the guys talking about how Diana Prince to be much much better looking 보다 they expected. Just their banter during that was so great. Diana’s shrug climate Steve’s shake of his hand. It was great. I never ever would have thought that this is just how their relationship would have actually turned out when we very first began the show, but I love it.

Noel: That scene to be great! i love just how Steve even arranged having lunch for the 2 of castle to hear to coin’s surveillance feed together if it to be a booked luncheon in between the 2 of them. . So lot fun, straightforward chemistry in between Diana and Steve, Jr. Makes you wonder all the more why they preserved scaling Steve back.

I don’t recognize that I have actually much else however to ask what you think around the display as a whole, and its explicate of Wonder Woman.

Kerensa: Yeah, i don’t really know why they maintained scaling him ago either, especially when lock do have such a an excellent rapport. Behind the scene drama?

Before we get to the show as a whole, there room a pair outfits We must discuss. I typical Wonder Woman’s motorcycle outfit! holy crap. Matching GOGGLES. Yet my favorite outfit was once Steve was wearing the letterman jacket v flared pants! It was AMAZING. Any outfits friend liked?

Noel: I read on IMDb that was to be tension between the Carter and Waggoner, however Carter’s apparently dismissed the notion.

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I think Steve’s outfit was probably the winner of the episodes, too. It’s simply so bizarre, and also I refuse to believe that any self-respecting roller coaster inspector would certainly dress favor that.

Kerensa: I agree. It to be so so bizarre!

So Wonder Woman as a whole–here we are