With a personality as complex as any Klingon ritual, Worf often tended to conceal his sense of humor from those roughly him. That course, the Starfleet officer additionally had a habit of inadvertently delivering punchlines that entertained his comrades. By the time he live aboard Deep space 9, Worf"s comedic confidence had actually matured to the point where the would intentionally make remarks the left the rest of the crew guessing regarding whether or not he was being serious. Brace you yourself for some uproarious Klingon belly laughs as we revisit the scenes that attribute Worf"s most amusing moments.

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sublieutenant Worf's feel on Quarantine

“Care because that a game of darts?”“I execute not beat games.”- Bashir and Worf in “The method of the Warrior”


Despite the natural awkwardness, Worf"s first contact with Bashir went about as well together O"Brien can have hoped as soon as he introduced the two policemans to one another. The doctor"s familiar invitation quickly gave way to Worf’s lukewarm reply, yet he genuinely showed up to it is in doing his best to be polite. Worf eventually acquiesced come the request, impaling the gameboard through the dart in a display of brute strength. The exchange showed to be fairly fitting because that the former U.S.S. Enterprise-D protection chief"s Star Trek: Deep an are Nine debut.

“Well, what do you think mr Worf?”“Good tea... Quite house.” - Rishon Uxbridge and also Worf in “The Survivors”


Needless to say, Worf is no one for little talk. After slurping increase the tea listed to him at the Uxbridge home, the Starfleet officer as soon as again seek to demonstrate his courteous side by complimenting both the beverage and also the decor. As is frequently the case, Worf"s initiative to fill the silence offered as a catalyst because that an unintentionally jocular exchange. Regardless of his cumbersome reply, the fact that Worf want to sell words of worship for Rishon"s tea illuminated a heartwarming facet to his character.

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“This is the story of a little ship that took a small trip. What do you think?”- Worf in “One little Ship”


Having survived a skirmish through the dominance that took location aboard the U.S.S. Defiant, Worf aimed to accomplish his promise to Jadzia Dax and also composed a poem to memory the occasion. Emphasizing just how much the task meant come him, Deep space 9"s strategy operations officer recited the first line around the small ship through a severe tone and a stern glare. Temporarily bring away aback by the lackluster introduction, Jadzia quickly surmised the this prose marked the rarely occasion once her husband to be consciously play a useful joke. Worf"s willingness come let under his guard come elicit a laugh indigenous his mam exemplified she positive influence over his Klingon persona.

“Death come the opposition!”- Worf in “Take Me out to the Holosuite”


Worf"s competitive chatter clearly indicated that he felt more at ease throughout a bat"leth tournament 보다 a baseball game. Climate again, that would have actually guessed otherwise? as they all set to do fight with the Logicians, Worf make the efforts to sign up with in top top Sisko"s speak to for the Niners come rile up their adversaries through old fashioned banter. Unsurprisingly, his mind automatically jumped towards the violent declaration, yet Worf"s inclination to get involved in the good-natured teasing underlined his assimilation into Deep room 9"s ranks.

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“What room his legal rights in this century? Is there a trial, or shall i execute him?”- Worf in “A Fistful the Datas”


Participating in his child Alexander"s ancient West holoprogram, Worf acted as the neighborhood town sheriff and swiftly imprisoned the outlaw Eli Hollander. Unfamiliar with the custom-mades of the time, the 24th century security chief looked to his kid for advice on how to continue with the western narrative. The concern itself was logical, as no one might be expected to retain knowledge on a galaxy"s worth of historical facts. However, the inquiry came off together comical because of its saturation in Worf"s signature mix of healthy innocence and also brutal Klingon values.