Summary: WWII Combat: Iwo Jima lets you relive the storied assault that significant a substantial historical event -- the Iwo Jima landing. Welcome to the fight soldier! You challenge 8 square mile of rough volcanic island broken by the weapons of war and also occupied by hostile Japanese forces. It"s Hell on EarthWWII Combat: Iwo Jima lets you relive the storied assault that marked a enormous historical occasion -- the Iwo Jima landing. Welcome come the struggle soldier! You confront 8 square miles of rough volcanic island damaged by the weapons of war and occupied by enemy Japanese forces. It"s Hell on Earth yet it"s an essential to American pressures as a staging point. Her mission is come seize this island from a heavily entrenched enemy.… expand

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As awful as repeating any type of of this single-player mission sounds, it"s something the you"re going to have to acquire used to. Due to the unfair benefits of the enemy, consisting of the fog of battle that stays clear of you from seeing what lies ahead, you will constantly be surprised by waves of opponents as you push forward there is no the capability to obtain any type of intelligence or reconnaissance.
The graphics, gameplay and AI seem favor they dropped out that a time warp native too plenty of years ago. Through much far better games that came out just a brief while ago available at a comparable cost, over there isn"t a great reason to purchase Iwo Jima.
From peak to bottom civilization War II Combat: Iwo Jima is a damaging game v no redeeming attributes whatsoever.
when I choose this video game up in the year 2021 I believed this looked favor a budget plan title probably beforehand in the Xboxes life to cash in on theWhen ns picked this game up in the year 2021 I assumed this looked like a budget title probably early in the Xboxes life come cash in on the tendency of WW2 shooters how poor can that be. Fine let me tell you this game is the worst point I"ve touched in a long time. You can play bad game bingo with this due to the fact that it"s obtained everything. From bad collision detection, ugly graphics, invisible walls, walls you deserve to shoot through, really poor AI, devastating animations, enemy"s having there guns float above there hands, enemy"s aiming in ~ the air but hitting you, uncertain objectives, accurate no personalities at all ns don"t think her character also has a name, weapons that shooting through world or just miss completely, devastating level design, moments whereby you go wherein the hell perform I go. Really just whatever you have the right to imagine is bad around the game but additionally some points you might not expect. Like just how it take 5 seconds to find body for ammo or the fact there"s no heeling item in the video game which way you have to complete levels v what health you have. And you cant choose up enemy weapons which means your stuck to what they provide you at the start of the level. And also in the an initial level they give you a sniper rifle the takes forever come shoot because it needs to go with the bolt animation between every shots i beg your pardon is annoying as hell. The just complements ns can offer this video game is that it doesn"t crash or break, it only glitched once and me and also my friends had actually a little bit of entertainment indigenous how negative it was. But the most baffling thing around the video game is the reality it came out in 2006 when call of Duty 3 would release the year and also the Xbox 360 was currently a year old and this just released top top PC and OG Xbox. Which every tells me that the developer did not give a **** around the game and so just put that together in addition to Road to Berlin as a cheap tactic to obtain some money.… broaden
Aug 12, 2006

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and this is once I believed that WWII Combat: road to Berlin to be the worst game of 2006! Frustrating controls, cheating AI, horrible graphics and also And this is as soon as I assumed that WWII Combat: road to Berlin to be the worst game of 2006! Frustrating controls, cheating AI, awful graphics and level designs, bad sound, atrocious animations, bad collision detection, unbalanced gameplay...Avoid the at all costs, and also don't say i didn't warning you!!!… expand