Barium nitrite represented by the chemical formula Ba(NO2)2 or BaN2O4 <2> that bears the IUPAC surname barium dinitride <3> is a white crystalline powder that is dissolve in water and alcohol <6>. It is a barium salt and also an ionic link <2>.

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Barium Nitrite Identification

CAS Number13465-94-6 <1>
PubChem CID166820 <2>
ChemSpider ID145952 <3>
EC Number236-709-9 <1>


Barium Nitrite Formula

How to do It

Barium nitrite have the right to be ready by decomposing silver- nitrite through barium chloride <4>.

2AgNO2 + BaCl2 = 2AgCl + Ba(NO2)2

It can also be made by pouring a heat solution of barium nitrate over lead and also boiling the mixture because that 1.5 to 2 hours <7>.

Ba(NO3)2 + 2Pb = Ba(NO2)2 + 2PbO

Properties and Characteristics that Barium Nitrite

General Properties

Molar mass/molecular weight229.337 g/mol <2>

Physical Properties

Color/appearanceWhite crystals <1>
Melting point/freezing point115°C, 239°F <1>
Boiling pointN/A <1>
Density 3.173 g cm-3 <1>
State of issue at room temperature (normal phase)Solid <1>

Chemical Properties

Solubility in water630 g/l (at 20oC) <1>
pH>7 (basic) <5>

Atomic Properties

Crystal structureHexagonal <6>


Barium Nitrite Structure

Barium Nitrite Uses

In research work-related in laboratories, in diazotization <1, 6>.As a corrosion inhibitor <6>.In make explosives <6>.

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Is it Dangerous

The compound can be highly toxic if swallowed or inhaled <2>.


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