Accession NumberCollection typeObject typePhysical descriptionMakerPlace madeDate madeConflict
Personal Equipment
Celluloid, cotton tape, Ersatz paper, Gelatine, Leather, Metal, Shellac
c 1917
First world War, 1914-1918

German "Lederschutzmaske" (Leather protection mask) gas mask. The mask is made from a solitary piece the chrome-tanned sheepskin dipped in an oil sealant solution. The single seam running under the chin and the folded sheet of the mask space coated v a black color sealant lacquer partly made indigenous rubber. The circular eyepieces are made of two layers that yellowed celluloid, collection in painted circular steel frames v leather gaskets whereby they room let right into the mask. Internally, the eyepieces have removable steel "spiders" permitting the inner great (which was coated v gelatine to absorb moisture) to be replaced. The right "spider" equipment to the mask has actually some that the inside circular steel piece missing. Khaki cotton head straps are connected to coiled springs inside noodle sleeves to save mask in place. A lengthy khaki cotton webbing strap attached near the chin enables the mask to it is in suspended approximately the neck.A rusted and also scratched grey-green canister filter unit is attached to the mask. Once the canister is removed an embossed "H2" deserve to be watched on the exterior circular steel mounting surface of the mask. Top top the canister is stamped in faded blue ink "9u". The remnants of a small manufacturer"s stamp are also barely visible. The bottom the the canister is greatly rusted and also through these rusted holes deserve to be seen several of the white coloured filter lining. In ~ the top of the canister mount, follow me the middle of the gas mask is a hook because that the attachment of a size of ersatz file cord (which is missing) i beg your pardon is usually threaded in between the eyes to a leather loop on the gas mask over the forehead that the wearer.

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The Germans used both leather "leder" and also rubber "gummi" masks during the an initial World War. Periodically referred to as "model 1917", after the year of its introduction, this style of gas mask was likewise known together the "Ledermaske (Gasmaske 17)". The spoked metal tools on the inside of both lenses were well-known informally together "spiders". These were removed on the improved Gasmaske 18. The gas mask carry case was well-known as a "Lederschutzmaske (Bereitschaftsbuchen)". This situation contained a tiny compartment in the urgent lid for spare set of lenses and usually consisted of an instruction sheet at the bottom explaining exactly how to usage the gas mask. Because of the effective Royal marine blockade that German ports, except the metal, ersatz (substitute) products were likewise used in the manufacturing of gas masks and also cans.

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The gas filter which were fitted to these German gas masks in the an initial World War had actually an un-modified traditional Osram brand street irradiate screw fitting. This commercially successful invention was utilised in the building and construction of the filters to allow their quick adjust and in the fitting of magnified versions of filter as compelled without discarding the mask itself.