Poison gas was an initial used during WWI and about half of all the lives claimed by chemistry weapons during the battle were Russian. ~ Germany started using chlorine on the battlefield, Moscow retaliated by building its own chemicals sector from scratch.

A frantic panic. In a thick yellow cloud of gas, Russian soldiers go blind, coughed, and also gasped because that air. One thousands soldiers passed away of suffocation, another 8,000 obtained severe burns.A large chemical war on the Russian front began on might 31, 1915 in Poland v a massive gas-cylinder discharge the chlorine follow me a 12-km stretch the the frontline manned by the 14th Siberian and 55th Infantry Divisions.

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How it all began


For the an initial time the Germans sprayed around 170 loads of chlorine on a 6-km ar of the prior on the Ypres flow in late April 1915. As soon as the wind began blowing in the right direction - in the direction of the French army - gas to be released indigenous 6,000 cylinders, each of i m sorry was opened up manually. The French were engulfed in yellow-green clouds of chlorine and retreated in a panic, Professor Mikhail Supotnitsky created in his book The forget Chemical war of 1915-1918.You might understand the French. "A person caught in that cloud died within a couple of minutes. V the usage of chlorine, German armed forces chemists because that the first time controlled to satisfy the two simple conditions vital for the success that a chemical strike - mass application of toxic agents and also maximum concentration of a gas cloud," Supotnitsky explains.In his opinion, if the Germans had had sufficient resources to break with the frontline there and also then, that assault could have decided the result of the war. "But there to be no resources, and also the small tactical success that the Germans ~ above the Ypres salient offered as a signal for the start of a mutually disastrous chemical war," that adds.

Chemical weapons versus Russia


Chemical weapons on the Russian front were used in so late January 1915 in Poland. However, at the time the waiting temperature was very cold and also the Russian troops did not suffer significant losses.A truly massive chemical war versus the Russian army began on might 31, 1915, through a massive chlorine attack. The area was essentially devoid the forests, which allowed the gas cloud to relocate deep inside the ranks of the Russian troops when retaining the deadly impact at a selection of at the very least 10 km.The experience gained at Ypres offered Germany grounds come think that a victory over the Russian military was a foregone conclusion. "However, the endurance of the Russian soldier and also the great organization of defense permitted the Russian command to repel 11 German attempts in ~ an attack undertaken after the gas attack. Russian casualties native the poison gas amounted to 9,036 soldiers and officers, 1,183 of whom died. Top top the exact same day, the Germans lost simply 116 soldiers," to write Alexander De Lazari, a army scientist and the first Russian historian of chemical weapons, in his publication Chemical weapons at the Fronts that the 1914-1918 people War.

This imbalance in losses motivated the Russian tsarist government to sign up with in the chemistry war and create its own chemical weapons.

Chlorine because that the tsar


In a telegram to the war minister a day after the attack, Russian general Yanushkevich pressed on the minister the have to supply the army with chemistry weapons. The task proved an overwhelming because many of the Russian chemical market belonged come the Germans. Chemical design as a branch of the national economic situation was non-existent in Russia. Long before the war, German industrialists made certain that your enterprises can not be provided by the Russians for army purposes. Throughout the war, those enterprise were, that course, shut under altogether.After the damaging gas strike on might 31, chemical strikes on Russian troops ongoing with raising strength and ingenuity. The Germans skilfully and also with an excellent inventiveness used gas discharges and shelling v chemical projectiles.


Russia had to develop the manufacturing of chemical weapons independently. It began making chlorine at factory in Samara, Rubezhnoye, Saratov, and also in the Vyatka province. In respectable 1915, the very first two loads of fluid chlorine to be produced, and also in October, Russia began to collection up chemistry squads to carry out cloud attacks.

Supotnitsky is impressed by the occupational of Russian army chemists. "Having began from scratch, without petrodollars or assistance from the West, in a issue of 12 month they controlled to develop a military chemical market that provided the Russian military with several species of chemical war agents, chemistry ammunition and personal protective equipment," that says.

New Russian weapons


Russians used chemical weapons for the an initial time throughout the in march 1916 attack at Lake Naroch. The offensive was undertaken at the inquiry of the Allies in stimulate to divert Germany indigenous an attack at Verdun. It expense the Russian nation 80,000 world killed, wounded, and mutilated. The Russian command considered chemical agents as an auxiliary weapon in the operation, whose action was however to be studied in combat, therefore the military did no use any type of protective devices - gas masks or gloves.By the end of 1916, Russian troops had fully mastered chemical weapons, and the army was provided with gas masks. A gas wave introduced by the Germans on Jan. 7, 1917, versus the Russian north Front walk not an outcome in losses thanks to the timely usage of gas masks and also improved chemical technique of the Russian troops. The last Russian gas discharge, brought out outside Riga ~ above Jan. 26, 1917, ended with the same result for the German army: they as well were prepared for gas attacks. Parity to be established.

After WWI, the international community comprehended the devastating power of chemistry weapons. They were contained on the list of weapons of massive destruction, and also at the end of the 20th century their use was banned by a judgment of the Hague Court. The Chemical weapons Convention has actually been signed by plenty of countries, consisting of Russia.

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One certain episode the the chemical war within WWI deserves a more comprehensive description: almost dead after ~ the serious poison gas attack, Russian soldiers still attacked the German ranks. Check out our one-of-a-kind on the renowned "attack the the dead".

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