roman Reigns withstood a various kind of hell in the hope of facing Seth Rollins, if Bray Wyatt sent a second Superstar to the abyss in his unholy crusade. View what taken place with"s complete Raw results. raw live results, Oct. 26, 2015: Reigns sets his sights ~ above Rollins and also The Wyatt Family insurance claims their 2nd soul

Roman Reigns withstood a various kind of hell in the hope of facing Seth Rollins, if Bray Wyatt sent a 2nd Superstar come the abyss in his unholy crusade. Watch what happened with"s complete Raw results.

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Roman Reigns def. tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston

SAN DIEGO — With hell steady in his rearview, roman Reigns is now one action closer to the promised land. Reigns blasted by Kofi Kingston to earn his spot in a deadly 4-Way complement to recognize the No. 1 challenger to the civilization Heavyweight Championship. The big Dog opened up Raw through a deafening statement to anyone who thought he’d be unable to recapture the lightning that catapulted him to the main event of WrestleMania 31.

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Due to  the stipulations that the night — every potential deadly 4-Way entrant had actually to have won at Hell in a cabinet — Reigns faced stiff competition from The new Day member, that rode a diversion from huge E to a near-insurmountable lead in the late goings. A gritty comeback native Reigns led Kingston to walk wild with Trouble in Paradise, yet Reigns ducked the boot and Speared his way to the main event. Perform you quiet believe?

Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens def. Cesaro

Also bound for the fateful deadly 4-Way? Kevin Owens. Yet this to be a tougher fight than Owens is provided to. His opponent, Cesaro, was a home on fire during Hell in a cabinet Kickoff and rolled into Raw with all the momentum in the world, opened up the whole of his offense to keep the Intercontinental Champion in ~ bay. KO was prepared to take a hike ~ the Uppercut to express knocked the silly, however The King of Swing was more interested in an outright pin. That ultimately expense him, as Owens clung to the ropes to stop Cesaro’s momentum, climate sprang v a superkick and the Pop-up Powerbomb to eke the end a win.

Team Bella def. PCB

PCB is no more. For real this time, that seems, as Paige’s iffy reconciliation with Charlotte and Becky Lynch got to its breaking suggest after The Lass Kicker to be felled through Team Bella in a Six-Diva tussle ~ above Raw. Never ever mind the Paige to be on the receiving end of a shellacking native Nikki & Co. And also needed Charlotte and Becky to pull her out of the fire. When a rojo Lynch — spurred on through “We desire Becky!” chants — was stopped quick by a forearm and a Rack Attack, Paige confirmed her true colour by laying the end her now-former friends with a pair the Ram-Paiges and, as the last insult, a PTO to Charlotte.

U.S. Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Neville

The Alberto Del Rio return tourism rolls on. After ~ his triumphant resurgence at Hell in a Cell, the brand-new United claims Champion set his sights towards a 5th civilization Heavyweight title by taking out Neville, the scorer that the deciding pinfall in ~ Hell in a cell Kickoff, to knife a clues in Raw"s deadly 4-Way main event. If the enhance is any type of indication, The pride of Mexico ( MexAmerica?) is on pace to, once again, come to be a huge deal fairly quickly. At first unaccustomed come The guy That heaviness forgot, Del Rio adapted in quick order through zeroing in on Neville’s lower back. The pulverizing assault didn’t quite ground the former NXT Champion, but it slowed that down enough that The significance of Excellence was able to trap Neville in the Tree the Woe and finish the bout through a top-rope double-stomp to the sternum. Is that … destiny in the air?

Rusev, Sheamus & King Barrett def. Ryback & The Dudley Boyz

There can be something come this global coalition of pain the Rusev, Sheamus & King Barrett have actually cooked up. Not only have the foreign menaces dispatched of Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Neville, yet they additionally rebounded native a disappointing mirroring at Hell in a cabinet Kickoff to role over Ryback & The Dudleys on raw in a fight of the collective losers indigenous Hell in a Cell.

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Kane confronted Bray Wyatt

Last night wasn’t just about the vindication because that The One in 22-1 — The Two in 22-1 to be sitting pretty as soon as all to be said and done as well. 7 months after ~ Bray Wyatt’s failed bid to topple The Undertaker, The Eater that Worlds and also his reformed family members got the critical word ~ above The last Outlaw when they dismantled a to win Undertaker and carried that away right into the darkness.

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Raw then to be all around their vindication, together Wyatt eulogized The Deadman till Kane, in every his demonic glory, exploded onto the scene with vengeance top top his mind. Yet the remainder of The Wyatts adhered to suit. Back Kane gained his shots in, it ended the exact same way as the an initial time The Devil’s favourite Demon tussled with The Wyatts: with Kane carried away into the darkness by The new Face of Fear, this time towards the very same dark ar where his brother now resides.

Dolph Ziggler def. tags Team Champion huge E

Maybe The new Day are among those teams who have it far better in hell. After ~ powering past The Dudleys with one guy down ~ above Raw, both Kofi Kingston and big E uncovered themselves on the losing end on Raw. The latter joined Kingston in the loser’s tower when Dolph Ziggler showed him up to earn his point out in Raw’s main event.

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With newly emerged rival Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae watching (scouting?) The Showoff from their an individual VIP section, Ziggler mounted a grueling defensive campaign against huge E. Ziggler wore him down little bit by bit and also held on just sufficient to stay in it (ironically, the was just when big E partook of Breeze’s spread out that Ziggler found some daylight). A missed corner charge sent the huge unicorn barreling into the ring post, and also Ziggler seized the moment with a Zig Zag to victory his way into the key event. Exclusives: brand-new Day goes 0-2 |  "Stone Cold" confronts ... The Miz?

Titus O’Neil thanked the cosmos for sustaining Susan G. Komen

As breast Cancer Awareness Month pertains to a close, previous tags Team Champion and listed humanitarian Titus O’Neil led the roster in a final celebration of and also Susan G. Komen’s merged efforts come rise over cancer over the last month. Flanked by chest cancer survivors, O’Neil spoke of the prestige of hope and also community in winning the fight against breast cancer, and also thanked the cosmos for your efforts prior to joining in a victorious million-dollar dance with survivors, Superstars and Divas alike.

Roman Reigns def. Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens, U.S. Champion Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler to come to be No. 1 challenger to the human being Heavyweight Champion

Believe this: roman Reigns, that was beat in the main occasion of WrestleMania only seven months ago, is simply one complement away from ending up being world Heavyweight Champion. And also he didn’t exactly waltz into the spot, either. The fatal 4-Way the earned Reigns a match versus Seth Rollins had actually all the carnage the a automobile wreck, and also everyone associated was on their A-game.

Watch:  Ambrose pushes Reigns forward |  Reigns punches his ticket. Literally.

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Kevin Owens and also Alberto Del Rio teamed approximately bully Dolph Ziggler before turning on each other. Del Rio whiffed on his to run enzuigiri and ate a Famouser native Ziggler in response. A combo of KO’s cannonball and also Reigns" Drive-By take it Del Rio out. You gain the idea. Victory was figured out by a issue of inches, and Reigns crossed the airplane in the one-on-one finale through reversing Owens’ Pop-up Powerbomb into a Superman Punch. One Spear and also three counts later, and Reigns-Rollins was made. Raw went turn off the air v Reigns in Rollins’ face, title within reach and also Rollins looking, for all the world, like he’d fairly be encountering anyone but him.