WWE raw ResultsSeptember 12, 2016Baltimore, MarylandCommentary: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and also Corey GravesResults by: Mike Tedesco of inter-base.net

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

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A recap of critical week’s raw is shown. Kevin Owens to be celebrating winning the WWE global Championship until Seth Rollins interrupted. Mick Foley booked Rollins to take it on Owens because that the title at Clash the Champions. Later on in the night, Owens was faced by roman inn Reigns. Foley claimed for this week’s RAW, Owens would confront Reigns. If Reigns wins, he’s gotten in into the championship complement at Clash that Champions.

The RAW video plays, and we’re lugged into the arena. The commentators welcome united state to the show. Tonight’s main occasion will check out Kevin Owens face Roman Reigns. If Reigns wins, he’s gotten in into the WWE universal Championship enhance at Clash the Champions.

Mick Foley is already in the ring, and also he welcomes the crowd to RAW. Foley says summer may be over, but things space just heating increase on Mondays. The first-ever raw exclusive PPV is comes up in two weeks. Tonight, we’ll find out even if it is Kevin Owens will safeguard his WWE universal Championship versus Seth Rollins or Seth Rollins and also Roman Reigns. Reigns’ surname is booed. Foley claims their competition, Smackdown Live, had actually a tremendous occasion where castle crowned the an initial ever Smackdown Live Women’s Champion (Foley congratulates his friend, Becky Lynch), yet here top top Monday night they sell the premier destination for the ideal in women’s wrestling today. Foley then introduces Charlotte come the ring.

RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte provides her means to the ring alongside Dana Brooke. Charlotte is in street apparel while Dana is dressed come compete. Replays are shown from critical week of Charlotte losing to Bayley and then slapping Dana. Later on in the night, Sasha banks faked a retirement and said she was encountering Charlotte because that the title, despite WWE currently announcing Bayley as challenging for the title. Charlotte states she needs to get something off her chest. She important believes that after critical week, one apology is in order. Dana says Charlotte doesn’t owe an apology to her. Charlotte claims she’d never ever owe one apology to Dana. Dana owes her an apology. It to be embarrassing to shed to Bayley, and also it’s every Dana’s fault. She’s trying to obtain the records changed to Dana shedding to Bayley since it was her fault. If she’s apologizing, Dana have to apologize for reasoning she can think because that herself. She make a stupid of herself last week as soon as she tapped out to the financial institution Statement. If she doesn’t apologize, your friendship and also her mentorship space through. Dana apologizes come her. Foley says he has actually her out right here to talk around Clash that Champions. The Women’s Championship will be on the line.

Sasha Banks’ music hits, and she makes her means out come the ring dressed come compete. Sasha states Charlotte is looking at the face of the Women’s division and the one and also only legit ceo of the WWE. Sasha states Charlotte is also looking at the woman who will take it the title earlier in two weeks in ~ Clash of Champions. A irradiate “Sasha” chant breaks out.

Bayley’s music hits, and she makes her method to the ring come a quite reception. Bayley states she would certainly love to view Sasha compete for the championship tonight, and also she pauses. Foley asks she what she wants to say. Bayley states she to know she’s the new girl, however last week, she beat Charlotte so possibly the person that deserves the location shot… is her! Sasha claims they go means back, every the means to NXT. Bayley had her back at Battleground, but when it comes to the title, she has actually no friends. Bayley requirements to gain in the earlier of the line. Charlotte states the just unfinished service her and also Sasha have actually is her proceeding to offer her the career ending beating she offered her in ~ SummerSlam. Sasha suggests they finish this appropriate now, and also she throws her jacket in ~ Charlotte. Charlotte claims she’s the just champion in the ring, and Sasha doesn’t dictate when she defends she title.

Foley states Charlotte is appropriate that Sasha doesn’t dictate location defenses, but Charlotte doesn’t dictate it either. The does. He’s the general Manager. Foley says Sasha was claimed to acquire her rematch in ~ Clash of champions in 2 weeks, however he’s having second thoughts. Charlotte states she should have actually Foley’s job. Dana states Sasha and also Bayley have to fight over who is worthy to face “The Queen,” but maybe another Best of 7 series is in order. Charlotte states she didn’t ask Dana to speak, therefore if she speaks again, she’ll slap the taste the end of her mouth. Foley claims Charlotte will protect her title versus the winner the a match between Sasha and Bayley. Charlotte blames Dana for this, and Dana slaps she down! Foley climate adds Dana to the match, and also it’s next.

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Charlotte will certainly be on commentary for the following match.

The winner deals with Charlotte at Clash of ChampionsDana Brooke vs. Sasha banks vs. Bayley

The bell rings, and Dana shoves Bayley and also forearms Sasha. Dana kicks Bayley the end of the ring and also whips Sasha down. Dana chokes Sasha in the corner prior to kicking Bayley turn off the apron. Sasha blocks being put right into the turnbuckle and puts Dana there. Sasha stomps her before choking her with her boot. Sasha climate slaps her prior to hitting a snapmare for a two count. Dana quickly drops Sasha top top the apron and kicks she off. Bayley sneaks in and also rolls Dana up because that a 2 count. Bayley slams she off all 4 turnbuckles before Dana kicks her. Bayley slides off she shoulders and also whips her to the corner prior to hitting a corner clothesline because that a 2 count. Bayley access time the ropes and also hits a to run elbow. Bayley autumn a knee for a 2 count. Bayley uses an arm bar prior to wrenching it. Dana punches her in the midsection a few times to get out. Dana wrenches the arm, however Bayley twists out and also takes she down before reapplying the eight bar. Dana fights up, yet Bayley takes she right ago down. Dana fights up, however Bayley sends out her into the ropes. Sasha climate pulls Dana the end of the ring.

Bayley and Sasha confront off, however Dana operation in, for this reason they provide her a double-team i know good toss. Bayley and also Sasha rigid at each other as us go to commercial.

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We come back from the rest to watch Bayley trapped in a surfboard stretch used by Dana. During the commercial, Dana take it Sasha down on the apron and drover her ago into the apron. Ago to live action, Bayley fights up and gets the end of the hold. Dana quickly forearms her down prior to lifting she up. Sasha comes in and also rolls she up because that a 2 count. Sasha punches far at Dana before holding her back in pain. Sasha lays Dana across the turnbuckles and goes for the twin knee, but Bayley grabs she feet. Sasha climate pulls Bayley into Dana. Both women space laid out throughout the turnbuckles, yet Bayley stays clear of the double knees indigenous Sasha conversely, Dana cannot. Sasha picks up a two count ~ above Dana. Bayley then captures Sasha v a cross-body block, yet Dana division up the pin. Dana takes castle both down v a twin clothesline. Dana tries extending both, yet they kick out. Dana then starts punching away at Sasha prior to putting her in the corner. Dana put Bayley in the edge for good measure and also shoulders her. Dana place Bayley ~ above the peak rope and also punches away at her. Dana goes for a superplex, yet Sasha come up and also powerbombs Dana, who subsequently superplexes Bayley. Sasha choose up a near fall on Dana.

Sasha hits a pair of to run forearms and also a dropkick top top Dana. Sasha blocks a kick and kicks her in the head. Sasha goes for the financial institution Statement, yet Dana holds the ropes. Dana goes because that the attack, however Sasha locks she in the financial institution Statement. Dana almost taps, yet Bayley breaks up the submission. Bayley then captures Dana with Bayley-To-Belly. Sasha division up the pin and also rolls increase Bayley. Sasha’s shoulders space down as wells together Bayley’s, and the referee counts the pin.

Winner by Pinfall: Sasha BanksMatch Rating: * 3/4 

Sasha Banks’ eight is initially raised, and she is announced as the #1 Contender. Replays room shown, and also the commentators embarrass us by not even calling fist to the blatant twin pinfall.

Match #5 that the finest of 7 collection between Sheamus and also Cesaro takes ar tonight. Cesaro won in London, however Sheamus quiet holds a 3-1 lead. We’ll likewise see Kevin Owens challenge Roman Reigns. If Reigns wins, he’s included into the WWE universal Championship complement at Clash that Champions.

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Dana Brooke is go backstage spring emotional prior to walking up to Charlotte. Dana apologizes come her. Charlotte tells her to shut up and also get her bags. Dana takes her bags and walks off.

The bright Stars are talking around Puerto Rico and also investing in a timeshare through R-Truth. Lock talk about him being able come party with celebrities. Epico claims if he renders a payment right now, they’ll guarantee the timeshare. Goldust to walk up and also interrupts the transaction prior to pulling R-Truth away. The shining Stars turn and see Enzo and big Cass. Big Cass states they look cheating con men. Epico claims they beat them fair and square last week. Enzo says if you obtain the footage, they ordered a grasp of tights. Primo states they’re two honest businessmen trying to share Puerto Rico v the world. Enzo says they have some unfinished business and also issues a challenge. Epico accepts his an obstacle and go off.

Tom Philips is backstage through the WWE universal Champion, Kevin Owens. Owens calls him “Tyler.” Owens asks if Philips desires him to say miscellaneous controversial. Owens says maybe Seth Rollins is jealous since Triple H realized the he’s far better than him. As for roman inn Reigns, he doesn’t belong in the exact same ring through him. Mick Foley is simply jealous that was never on the level that his mentor, Triple H. However, he’d never say any kind of of those things. In 2 weeks, that won’t be a triple hazard match since he’ll beat roman Reigns and also walk out of Clash that Champions as the WWE universal Champion. Owens says, “Trust me,” and also walks off.

Chris Jericho sneaks up on Philips through a sneer. Jericho states if Philips wasn’t such a hack journalist, he’d check out the actual story. It’s no that Foley placed Owens in a complement with Reigns. It’s the Foley traction Owens from “The highlight Reel,” leave him there is no a guest. Jericho states he’s as well smart for Foley and will have Kevin Owens’ ex-best girlfriend Sami Zayn. Jericho asks Philips what Zayn is. Philips reluctantly starts to say “stupid idiot,” yet Jericho cuts him off. Jericho says Zayn is a stupid idio… (points finger) IT.

Bo Dallas will be in action, next.

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Bo Dallas vs. Brandon Scott

Before the match, Dallas says a poem around how just he can Bo-lieve in Bo.

Michael Cole announces the the jobber’s name is Brandon Scott. The bell rings, and also Dallas instantly starts punching far at him prior to kneeing away at him. Scott easily gets away and sidesteps him to gain him the end of the ring. Scott dropkicks him, however Dallas conveniently picks the up and also slams him down. A “Let’s go Jobber” chant fires up. Dallas gives him a trio the gut-busters before giving that a clothesline. Dallas taunts the crowd before giving that a roll cutter for the win.

Winner through Pinfall: Bo DallasMatch Rating: 1/2 *

Coming increase next, we’ll watch Sami Zayn it is in a guest on kris Jericho’s “Highlight Reel.”

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The highlight Reel through special guest Sami Zayn

Chris Jericho provides his entrance to the ring. Jericho says, “Welcome to what was an alleged to it is in the best edition ‘Highlight Reel’ in WWE background featuring a man who is for this reason honorable and also so inspirational that Tom Cruise will probably play him in the movie variation of his life, back Brad Pitt could as well, he’s the handsome.” Jericho is talking about his ideal friend, brother, and the longest reigning universal Champion in history, Kevin Owens, yet instead the selfish SOB Mick Foley take it him the end to challenge Roman Reigns. Jericho claims who can replace the male at the peak of the mountain, therefore he went in opposing direction. His guest is as low as you deserve to go, Sami Zayn.

Sami Zayn makes his entrance to a an excellent reception. Zayn sarcastically thanks Jericho for the glow introduction. Jericho asks if he wants him come sing, “Olé.” The group starts to, which angers Jericho. Jericho claims the intro to be fitting because that a lowlife prefer Zayn. No wonder Owens dumped him together his ideal friend. Owens won’t also look at Zayn backstage. In fact, Zayn doesn’t even have his new number. Zayn asks what he’s act here. Jericho wants to recognize what type of man Zayn really is to blow his friendship through Owens. Owens is a great guy and the brand-new champion. As soon as he think of your friendship, the trouble was Zayn. Zayn says he’s done with Owens and could care less. The just thing he cares around is the WWE global Championship, i beg your pardon he promises to own one day. Since Jericho carried him up, he has actually some advice. If Jericho thinks Owens is his ideal friend and brother, climate he’s really a stupid idiot. A “stupid idiot” chant division out together Jericho sneers. Jericho claims Zayn is similar to the crowd. He’s condescending and also rude. Zayn is a taker conversely, he’s a giver. Jericho gives world what castle want, consisting of the heathens here. Jericho offers them what castle want and need. Zayn says The Gift the Jericho sucks. The only gift Owens gave him was mirroring his true colors, i m sorry Owens will present Jericho one day. Owens only cares around himself.

Jericho states that’s the jealousy coming the end of Zayn. Zayn is jealous that Owens is the longest reigning global Champion in WWE history whereas he’s simply Sami Zayn. Zayn asks if there’s any shred the the old kris Jericho. Jericho to be the impetus for him and Owens. Males like Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero motivated them. Zayn spent his entire adult life travel the world to wind up below like Jericho. Jericho is a six-time civilization Champion and the first-ever Undisputed Champion, but now he’s relegated to gift Kevin Owens’ bitch! The crowd reacts unique to that together Jericho watch troubled. Jericho claims he got a message from Owens before he come out. Jericho walk to show him, however instead slaps him down. Jericho then drops him with a Codebreaker. Jericho stares under at the please Zayn. Jericho then walks off through a smirk.

Tonight’s main event will watch Kevin Owens take on roman Reigns. If Reigns wins, he’s gone into into the title match at Clash of Champions. Coming up next, we’ll see Cesaro take it on Sheamus in enhance #5 the a ideal of 7 Series. Sheamus leader the collection 3-1.

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Footage is shown of Cesaro defeating Sheamus last week in London. A pre-taped promo is displayed with Sheamus. Sheamus isn’t worried around the loss. He’s increase 3-1 and also could success 3 an ext if he essential to. All he requirements is one an ext win, and he’ll send Swiss Miss back to the Alps and get a championship opportunity.

Match #5 – best of 7 SeriesCesaro (1-3) vs. Sheamus (3-1)

The bell rings, and they circle the ring prior to locking up. Sheamus easily forearms the in the hurt back. Cesaro holds his ago in pain, as Sheamus taunts him. Cesaro punches and also uppercuts Sheamus prior to sending him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and also eats a kick. Sheamus taunts the crowd before eating a clothesline native Cesaro. Cesaro goes because that the Neutralizer, however Sheamus powers him to the corner prior to uppercutting him. Sheamus kicks him before sending him to the opposite edge for a shoulder come the midsection. Sheamus sends out him back to the original corner and nails him with a shoulder block. Sheamus repeats the relocate one more time prior to Cesaro uppercuts him down. Cesaro goes because that the Sharpshooter, but Sheamus gets out of the ring. Cesaro kicks Sheamus ago before leaping off the apron v a sit senton! Cesaro climate takes him under again v a running uppercut in ~ ringside. Cesaro gets him in the ring and also picks up a two count.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to check out Cesaro trapped in one over-the-shoulder rack. Cesaro fights out, however he runs right into a knee come the midsection. Cesaro rolls to the apron to catch his breath. Sheamus bring away him and forearms him in the lower back a couple of times. Sheamus is really targeting the injured lower back. Cesaro punches that back, but Sheamus bring away him. Sheamus do the efforts to put him into the ring post, but Cesaro blocks it and bounces him turn off the turnbuckle a couple of times. Cesaro goes come the height rope, but Sheamus cuts him off. Cesaro head-butts him off the 2nd rope and punches the back. Cesaro kicks him away and connects through a cross-body block because that a near fall. Cesaro clutches his lower ago in agony. Sheamus kicks and punches him, yet Cesaro comes earlier with punches that his own. Cesaro punches far at that in the corner before sending him to the opposite corner. Sheamus records him charging and also gives that a rojo senton for a close to fall. Sheamus goes because that the irish Cloverleaf, but Cesaro counters with a roll-up for a close to fall.

Cesaro automatically follows up with a springboard twisting uppercut because that a near fall. Cesaro goes because that the Neutralizer, however his lower ago is too hurt. Sheamus goes because that White Noise, but Cesaro gets out and applies a Sharpshooter. Sheamus easily gets to the bottom rope. Sheamus elbow him back, yet Cesaro conveniently takes him under for the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro’s ago gives out. Sheamus rolls the up and also grabs the tights for a close to fall. Sheamus instantly drops him v an ireland Curse Backbreaker, yet Cesaro again kicks out. Sheamus goes because that the Celtic Cross, yet Cesaro slides off. Cesaro rolls him up and also gets a foot ~ above the ropes because that leverage to choose up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: CesaroMatch Rating: **

Cesaro celebrates his big win. Cesaro is still down to Sheamus 3-2. Sheamus is livid in the ring.

Mick Foley is backstage as soon as Seth Rollins to walk in. The group pops large for him. Rollins has a bone to pick through him. Rollins thought Foley was coming approximately on that by staying clear of his suspension and also giving that a location match. Rollins asks why roman inn Reigns has an opportunity. Foley states Reigns was just as wronged as Rollins. Rollins claims there is no comparison in between the two. Look in ~ Reigns’ stuff contrasted to his. Rollins says he’s not worried about Reigns because he beats the every time. Rollins wants to get his hand on Owens and the title through no distractions. If Foley won’t do anything, maybe they should ask Stephanie. Foley says Stephanie is in Singapore. Stephanie has nothing to perform with Triple H’s interference. Rollins says that’s ridiculous. Rollins claims he’ll take matters into his very own hands. Foley shouts in ~ him to not question his integrity. Foley asks him come say he will certainly not interfere in the enhance with Owens and Reigns. Rollins says he won’t inquiry his integrity, but if he continues to assistance Stephanie prefer that, climate he’s just a fool. Rollins go off together Foley looks conflicted.

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The commentators announce that chris Jericho will face Sami Zayn in two weeks at Clash the Champions.

Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax

Replays are shown of the backstage confrontation between Nia Jax and Alicia Fox. Nia shoved her under after Alicia walk crazy. Tom Philips is backstage with Nia Jax. Nia states Alicia can act every crazy, but she’s simply going come beat the crap the end of her until she can’t gain up or she gives up.

The bell rings, and also Nia quickly shoves her down. Nia strength her right into the corner and gives her part shoulder thrusts come the midsection. Alicia elbows her back before going come the peak rope. Nia quickly shoves her off the optimal rope to the floor. Alicia boots her in the challenge as she comes outside and also jumps on her back. Nia backs her into the ring post and also slings her by the hair right into the barricade a few times before throwing her down. Nia climate spears her with the barricade, and also this match is over!

No ContestMatch Rating: 1/2 *

Trainers run down come the ringside area to check on Alicia Fox. Nia Jax simply coldly walks off on her.

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The brand-new Day makes their means to the ring to a quite reception. Huge E is holding some wrestling boots and also pours booty O’s right into a bowl out of them. Xavier Woods holds increase the microphone and also soaks in the cheers. Woods states last week on RAW, Gallows and Anderson tried their hands in ~ entertainment. Woods claims entertainment is your thing. Woods warns them not to touch their things. If everyone missed it, Gallows and Anderson carried out “The Old Day.” It’s time come watch. Psych! They burned that footage since it to be horrible. Kofi Kingston states Gallows and also Anderson wasted 5:37 the everyone’s time. Woods states you can have listened to any kind of song ~ above the “Hamilton” soundtrack throughout that time. Kingston says they could watch some Ravens clips. Large E states it was so bad, he wished he had Obi Wan Kenobi come warn him about it. Woods apologizes because that Gallows and Anderson wasting their time. That will certainly never take place again under one condition: as lengthy as they space their WWE human being Tag Team Champions.

Luke Gallows and also Karl Anderson make their entrance and walk down to the ring. Anderson says they’re pandering come a stupid crowd choose Baltimore and also talk around Booty O’s and wear unicorn horns, yet they’re the persons wasting people’s times. Gallows says they’ll rip the horns off your heads, beat them unconscious with them, and take the WWE tag Team Titles.

Coming up next, it’s a SummerSlam rematch. Anderson and Gallows will certainly take on Kingston and Woods.

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Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods w/ huge E vs. Anderson and also Gallows

Xavier Woods will certainly start against Karl Anderson. The bell rings, and also Anderson quickly kicks and also punches him come the corner. Anderson sends him to the corner, however Woods slingshots end him, ducks some clotheslines, and dropkicks him down for a one count. Woods wrenches the arm and elbows away at him. Kofi Kingston is tagged in, and also he access time a to run kick ~ above Anderson. Kingston fall an elbow prior to Woods fall a 2nd rope elbow. Kingston goes to the top rope prior to hitting a leaping stomp for a near fall. Kingston applies an overhead wristlock, but Anderson fights up and also gets him in his corner. Anderson punches him prior to tagging in Luke Gallows. Gallows takes the down with a shoulder block prior to going because that a ago suplex, however Kingston flips through and boots him. Kingston then takes him down with a springboard forearm because that a two count. Gallows easily comes ago by cram him over the optimal rope. Anderson is tagged in, and he gets off the apron to beat away in ~ Kingston and stomp him. Gallows is tagged in, and also Anderson place Kingston in the ring. Gallows then large boots Kingston down. Gallows drops a trio of elbows for a one count. Gallows uses a chin lock, yet Kingston fights up and punches him. Kingston hits the ropes, however Gallows viciously clotheslines him down. Anderson tags earlier in, and he digs his forearm right into his face. Anderson dropkicks the in the corner before applying a chin lock. Kingston punches out and also goes for a tag, however Anderson cut him off. Kingston escapes and also tries come tag Woods, but Anderson connects with a twin A Spinebuster for a two count. Gallows is tagged ago in, and also he punches far at Kingston prior to kicking him in the head to knock him off the apron. Woods and big E shout encouragement to Kingston. Kingston renders it ago into the ring at seven. Gallows easily goes back on the strike before tagging in Anderson. Anderson uses Gallows’ knee to hit one inverted atom drop. Anderson steps on the throat before dropping a knee for a near fall. Anderson puts him in the corner prior to tagging Gallows back in. Gallows connects with a human body slam before going to the 2nd rope. Gallows goes for a diving elbow drop, but Kingston moves.

Woods and also Anderson are tagged in. Woods connects through a pair the clotheslines before sliding with the legs and punching him. Woods puts him into the ropes and dropkicks him. Woods knees Gallows in the head and also knocks him the end of the ring. Woods drops Anderson with the Honor roll for a close to fall. Anderson punches Woods, but Woods comes ago with a beat for an excellent measure. They trade forearms with Woods coming out on top. Woods hits the ropes, but Anderson uppercuts him. Anderson sends him right into the ropes, yet Woods slides to the floor. Woods kicks the in the head and connects through a DDT together he enters the ring. Woods goes to the top rope, to walk on the ropes, and connects with a diving elbow, but Gallows breaks it up. Kingston goes because that a springboard, however Gallows kicks him the end of mid-air. Woods kicks Gallows, however Anderson originates from behind through a to run knee. Lock drop Woods with the Magic Killer because that the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Anderson and also GallowsMatch Rating: * 1/2 

Roman Reigns is go backstage, and also the group boos him. Tom Philips walks as much as Reigns and asks the what’s going with his mind. Reigns says he’s simply thinking about getting to Clash of Champions and also winning the WWE global Championship. The only method he have the right to do the is by kicking KO’s ass.

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The Cruiserweights debut next Monday ~ above RAW.

Jinder Mahal makes his method to the ring. Mahal talks about feeling hate and rage from everyone before talking in his indigenous tongue. Mahal states he’s going come let it all go. He’s trekked the Himalayas and been come the monasteries. Mahal states he’s found inner peace. Tranquility is more than simply a word. It’s a method of life. Tranquility is the gift that he desires to share v everyone in the WWE Universe. Jack Swagger climate interrupts the promo.

Jinder Mahal vs. Jack Swagger

The bell rings, and also Mahal gets on his knees prior to putting his hands up. Mahal then strikes him through forearms and also takes the down. Mahal chokes that on the bottom rope and forearms him. Mahal chokes him on the ropes again before dropping a trio that knees. Mahal punches far at him before Swagger gets out of the ring. Mahal adheres to him out, and Swagger elbow him in the head. Swagger punches far at him in ~ ringside and also bounces him off the apron. Swagger puts him in the ring, and Mahal kicks him together he enters the ring. Mahal fall him with a high knee lift because that a 2 count. Mahal dropkicks the in the back of the head for a 2 count. Mahal applies a chin lock, but Swagger ultimately fights up. Swagger shoves him right into the ropes and also takes that down through a ago body drop. Swagger avoids an avalanche and connects with a pair of edge clotheslines before taking that down through a waistlock slam. Swagger access time the ropes a few times prior to elbowing Mahal. Swagger boots that down and also goes because that a Swagger Bomb, yet Mahal gets his legs up. Mahal connects with a neckbreaker because that the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Jinder MahalMatch Rating: 1/2 *

Enzo Amore is wade backstage with large Cass. He’ll face Epico, next.

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Jack Swagger is go backstage as soon as Tom Philips stop him. Philips mentions the his life contract is expiring soon. Swagger just breathes right into the microphone and also walks off.

Enzo and huge Cass make their means to the ring. Enzo does his normal shtick as the crowd chants along. The group sings to Enzo. Enzo states he’s no sweating Epico. As soon as Epico comes under to the ring, he’ll punch him and also give the a dust nap. Epico will certainly soil himself, i beg your pardon will allow him to plant some hibiscus flowers. Enzo will certainly then ask him, “How girlfriend doin?” huge Cass claims there’s just one native to describe The bright Stars: S-A-W-F-T!

Enzo Amore w/ huge Cass vs. Epico w/ Primo

Epico kicks him at the sound the the bell and sends him right into the ropes. Enzo takes that down with a head-scissor takeover. Enzo punches him before Epico pulls him into the turnbuckle. Epico climate whips him difficult into the corner. Epico connects through a back suplex, a German Suplex, and a delayed vertical suplex because that a 2 count. Enzo flips with a earlier suplex and falls down. Enzo boots him in the face, however Epico comes ago with a roll-up for a 2 count. Enzo access time a amendment jawbreaker prior to punching far at him. Enzo hits part jabs and DDTs him. Enzo goes come the top rope and also does a dab before Primo distracts him. Big Cass then large boots Primo. Epico climate takes large Cass out v a self-destruction dive. Enzo climate takes Epico out through a cross-body block come the floor. Enzo it s okay in the ring and goes because that a suplex right into the ring, but Primo bring away Enzo’s feet. Epico lands on optimal of Enzo and also picks up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: EpicoMatch Rating: * 1/4

Kevin Owens will face Roman Reigns, next.

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Kevin Owens is go backstage as soon as he bumps into Seth Rollins. Owens reminds that what Mick Foley said. Rollins claims he wants to great him luck and also how he would certainly love for him to beat Reigns to store it one-on-one. Due to the fact that Triple H is too lot of a coward to display up, he’d love to tear his golden boy come pieces and also take the title back. Owens claims his laugh is annoying, and also he doesn’t require luck. Besides, Rollins have to want Reigns in the enhance so he deserve to do all the work and also Rollins sneaks in. Rollins has constantly had someone else doing his work-related for him from The Shield come Jon Stewart. Owens states he’s just jealous of his dealings v Triple H. Owens says he’s better than him. Owens says Rollins has accomplished nothing due to the fact that his return. Rollins lost at Battleground and also lost come Finn Bálor through one arm. Owens winner it in his very first chance. “Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim” need to be “Redesign, Rebuilt, Replaced.” Mick Foley walks up and tells Owens to gain out come the ring. Foley advises Rollins not to interfere or there will be consequences.

Roman Reigns and also Kevin Owens make their corresponding entrances. This match is next.

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If roman inn Reigns wins, he’s included to the title complement at Clash the ChampionsRoman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

The bell rings, and also Owens automatically gets the end of the ring. Reigns complies with him outside and punches him down. Reigns litter him right into the barricade and punches him. Reigns put him back into the ring. Owens stomps far at Reigns together he enters. Owens head-butts him and also drives him right into the corner. Owens punches him before sending him right into the ropes for a ago elbow to pick up a one count. Owens shouts that it was a three count. Owens proceeds to assault him and steps top top his hair before pulling his eight up. Owens punches him and also taunts him around being “the guy.” Reigns comes ago with some ideal hands, which space met v loud boos. Owens reverses a whip, yet he lowers his head and also eats a kick. Reigns goes for a high absent to the face, however Owens gets out of the ring to protect against it. Reigns then takes the out with a slingshot dropkick. Reigns walk outside and also whips him into the barricade. Owens comes ago by cram him into the barricade and clubbing him. Owens gets in the ring and grabs Reigns as he enters. Reigns punches him and also sends him into the corner. Owens gives him a earlier elbow and also takes the down through a clothesline to the earlier of the head. Owens then provides him a senton splash because that a 2 count. Owens kicks him in the earlier before using a chin lock. Owens holds that on because that a while prior to Reigns beginning fighting up. Reigns then gets out v a back suplex. Owens it s okay to his feet, and also Reigns drops him with a pair the clotheslines. Owens reverses a whip, and Reigns connects v a leaping clothesline. Reigns clotheslines that in the corner and also hits a short-arm clothesline. Reigns sets up because that a Superman Punch, however Owens rolls out of the ring. Reigns follows him outside and leaps turn off the steps, however Owens kicks him in the midsection. Owens then sends him right into the ring post.

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We come back from the break to see Reigns trapped in another chin lock. Owens really digs the in and also won’t let Reigns up. Reigns eventually fights up and also punches out. Reigns sends him into the corner and goes because that a running shoulder, yet Owens moves. Reigns hits the ring write-up shoulder-first. Owens go outside, traction Reigns out, and also sends that shoulder-first into the barricade before whipping him into the stole steps. Owens celebrates, and Seth Rollins runs down the ramp and attacks him! The referee calls for the bell! Owens wins by disqualification!

Rollins continues to wildly beat away at him. Mick Foley makes his means out to the phase as referees different Rollins and also Owens. Foley it s okay in his face and screams that they’re walk to have a talk. Foley states the complement is not going to finish like that and calls for the enhance to be restarted.

The bell rings, and also Owens sends Reigns into the procedures once again. Owens put Reigns in the ring and also goes because that a Pop-up Powerbomb, but Reigns stop the ropes. They begin trading punches and forearms before Owens knees away at him. Owens access time the ropes, yet Reigns follows and turns him within out v a clothesline. Reigns starts clubbing away at him in the corner. Reigns hits the ropes and also goes because that a large boot, however Owens duck it. Reigns block a superkick and connects v a Samoan Drop for a 2 count. Reigns starts punching and also stomping Owens under in the corner. Reigns place Owens on the top rope and goes because that a superplex, however Owens punches and also bites the to get out of it. Owens to adjust up because that a Frog Splash, but Reigns mister up and also punches him. Reigns goes because that a superplex, yet Owens counters v a swinging fisherman’s superplex for a close to fall. Owens quickly goes come the optimal rope and also connects through a Frog Splash because that a close to fall!

The crowd is yes, really buzzing for this match. Owens kicks that in the ribs and also shoves him. Reigns starts to get fired up. Reigns beginning punching back, but Owens superkicks that down. Owens mocks Reigns’ spear taunt and also goes because that the cannonball, but Reigns moves. Reigns gradually gets to his feet and starts pumping self up. Owens kicks the in the confront as the goes because that a spear, however Reigns responds with a Superman beat for a near fall. Owens gets the end of the ring come recover, therefore Reigns hits him through a Drive-By Dropkick. Reigns put Owens in the ring, and Owens kicks him as he comes in before dropping him through a superkick. Owens catches him through a cannonball prior to connecting with a second one. Owens sends him into the ropes because that a Pop-up Powerbomb, but Reigns it s okay out, rolls the up, elevator him up, and connects v a sit-out powerbomb for a 2 count. All of a suddenly Rusev runs down and also gets top top the apron! Reigns quickly drops him with a Superman Punch. Owens then sends Reigns into the ropes and also gives the a Pop-up Powerbomb for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Kevin OwensMatch Rating: *** 1/2

Roman Reigns will not gain a shot in ~ the WWE global Championship in ~ Clash of Champions! The enhance remains a singles match between champion Kevin Owens taking on Seth Rollins.

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Rusev it s okay in the ring and looks livid. Rusev waits for Reigns to acquire up and also drops him v a large kick. Rusev punches far at Reigns, that is out cold. Lana is holding the United claims Championship and watching native the stage. Rusev stomps Reigns’ spine and applies the Accolade. Rusev ultimately lets go and stands end the collapse Reigns.

Quick match Results

* Sasha financial institutions def. Dana Brooke and also Bayley* Bo Dallas def. Brandon Scott* Cesaro def. Sheamus in complement #5 that a best of 7 Series* Alicia Fox NC Nia Jax* Anderson and also Gallows def. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston (non-title)* Jinder Mahal def. Jack Swagger* Epico def. Enzo Amore* Kevin Owens def. Roman inn Reigns (non-title)