A historical Divas title match and also Sting"s in-ring life debut emphasize an epos Monday Night life season premiere. View what other surprises unfolded with inter-base.net"s full results.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Call it a season premiere or a new day, one of two people way, us still have actually the exact same inter-base.net sign Team Champions. Top top a night already stacked with blockbuster matches, consisting of the in-ring raw debut of Sting, The brand-new Day kicked turn off Raw’s season premiere by knocking off The element Time players in the former champions’ rematch because that the twin titles they shed at SummerSlam.

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Watch: new Day overpowers PTP in location defense |  The government embraces the strength of Positivity

Credit Xavier Woods’ trombone because that disorienting Titus O’Neil at the minute of truth and huge E and also Kofi Kingston for complying with up through the Midnight Hour to The huge Deal (Darren Young had actually been problem in Paradise’d right into unconsciousness in ~ ringside). Of course, through PTP dispatched, new Day’s following challengers come crawling out of the woodwork as soon as The Dudley Boyz stomped come the top of the ramp, top the inter-base.net cosmos in a “Get the Tables” chant. Enjoy those titles, guys. They can be unable to do come Sunday.

Sasha financial institutions def. Paige

It transforms out over there is one downside to Charlotte’s Divas title opportunity later in the night. The previous NXT Women’s Champion wasn’t on hand to assistance Paige in she tilt against Sasha Banks, which supposed Team B.A.D. Had actually PCB outnumbered three-to-two. To she credit, financial institutions didn’t skinny on the support of she squad because that the bulk of the match, in which she made that a suggest to target Paige’s arm over and over again.

In fact, that was just after Paige suplexed Sasha the end of the ring that Tamina made her move, pulling The ceo to safety when Paige check a somersault dive. The Diva of morning ate dust on the outside and also Sasha go the rest, locking in the financial institution Statement because that a tap-out while Naomi and also Tamina stomped Becky Lynch right into the mat.

The Wyatt Family showed up on “Miz TV”

In all fairness, if you booked The Wyatt family members on a speak show, you’d probably expect something disastrous to happen, too. Once The Miz held the very first family of are afraid on the latest “Miz TV,” the was unavoidable that someone to be going to obtain beat up, specifically after Dean Ambrose and also Roman Reigns crashed the party. Rather unsurprisingly, that person was Miz, who finished up on the wrong end of a boot to the gut native Ambrose, leaving the 2 warring households alone in the ring.

Watch: Reigns goes nose-to-nose through Bray Wyatt |  image of the confrontation

Face-to-face with his tormentors, Reigns took host of the microphone and, ~ a few choice words about Wyatt’s treatment of his cousin ~ above SmackDown, dropped his greatest bombshell yet on The new Face the Fear. He and also Ambrose had discovered their third man because that Night of Champions, and with the side shored up, the previous Shield members were ready to walk to war as soon as again.

John Cena def. Sheamus

The john Cena–Sheamus enhance on Raw certainly had the air of opportunism on the component of The Authority, as both men have their sights collection on Seth Rollins’ titles at Night of Champions. The that company power plainly hoped the 2 heavyweights would merely take each other out prior to Sunday, and also indeed, they haymakered each other wobbly only minutes right into the bout, with Cena getting the upper hand after a Five-Knuckle Shuffle.

Photos:  Sheamus and also Cena go to the mat |  clock Cena work his means to victory

Mr. Money in the financial institution rallied through 10 beats of the Bodhrán, however Cena, showing tiny respect because that the mohawk, comment himself v 10 clubs that his very own to the Celt’s chest cavity. That came under to who would blink first, and despite a grueling counter of the STF into a rojo senton, that ended up being Sheamus when Cena caught him in an attitude Adjustment for the win. It to be a difficult night because that Sheamus, but even in defeat, you’d it is in a fool to say the looked stupid.

Kevin Owens confronted Intercontinental Champion Ryback

After main of circling Ryback and also one instance of costing the a match, Kevin Owens opted for a much less passive-aggressive strategy than previous main this time roughly by crashing The huge Guy’s in-ring interview and (after some selection words about Ryback’s sacred tome, “The Secret”) all yet promised The large Guy he’d take his Intercontinental title if offered the chance. Coincidentally, offered Ryback’s compete nature and the truth that every title have to be defended Sunday, it should be no surprised that the Intercontinental Champion had already gone come The authority and asked because that the match. For this reason it"s Ryback vs. Owens in ~ Night of Champions. Just how do ya choose them apples?

Neville & The Lucha Dragons attacked Stardust & The Ascension

It took a couple the weeks, yet The guy That gravity Forgot finally got some back-up to lug Stardust earlier down to earth. The Prince that Dark Matter’s burgeoning alliance with The Ascension came at the price of Neville, and also the former NXT Champion didn’t stroked nerves with any kind of pleasantries once it came time come answer back. Neville lugged in The Lucha Dragons as backup to take out both Stardust and The Ascension, sending out the villains right into retreat in quick order ... And instiaging a challenge for Night of champions Kickoff.

Charlotte def. Divas Champion Nikki Bella via Disqualification

Charlotte it s okay the win, however Nikki Bella keeps the record. The was the gist of the Divas Championship Match in between Ric Flair’s progeny and also the now longest-recorded titleholder of the women’s prize, i m sorry had much more twists and turns 보다 a “Mr. Robot” episode and around as many world getting involved.

Photos:  DQ spoils Charlotte"s moment |  watch the controversial conclusion

Thanks come a brutal, straightforward strategy — attack the arm — Nikki had the upper hand till a Charlotte comeback required her come activate pair Magic … however Charlotte flipped the script and also won anyway, pinning Brie Bella. As soon as the official realized the ruse, Stephanie McMahon concerned the ring under the pretense the upholding the Divas division’s integrity to readjust the decision come a disqualification, sending Nikki to SmackDown"s "Bellabration" as champ. Yet Stephanie additionally upheld the title match for Night the Champions, v one new caveat: should Nikki lose, under any circumstance, she will shed the title as well.

Cesaro def. Rusev

Heyyy, Cesaro’s back! After a pair less-than-stellar weeks because that The Swiss Superman, the grand marshal that the Cesaro Section acquired his legs earlier under the by serving a rare defeat to Rusev many thanks to an innocuous if fortuitous figure by Dolph Ziggler at ringside. Right as The Bulgarian Brute was in a deadlock with Cesaro, The Showoff sauntered under to the ring v a gift crate for Summer Rae, allowing Cesaro come spring through a ridiculously detailed rollup for the win.

Ziggler adhered to up the victory with one more surprise, in the type of a superkick to Rusev"s face. The big kick left the big man see stars, yet Summer no so concerned that she couldn’t sneak the gift, which turned the end to it is in jewelry, away because that herself when tending to she man’s health.

Sting def. Huge Show via Disqualification

Winless no more, Sting officially acquired a win on the plank in inter-base.net after ~ his first time stepping with the ropes ~ above Monday Night life … though over there is a catch. The Vigilante’s inaugural “W” came as a an outcome of a disqualification, and led instantly into his second Raw challenge after the Sting–Big show tilt arranged by The authority unraveled in epic fashion.

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Holding his own versus an opponent he’s known for a very long time, Sting appeared on the verge that toppling the giant. Yet then Seth Rollins rushed The symbol to avenge his lovely statue, placing the former WCW Champion top top the wrong finish of a two-on-one beatdown. In came John Cena to also the odds, at which suggest The government intervened come reorganize the scrum right into — Holla! — a tags team match.

John Cena & Sting def. Inter-base.net human being Heavyweight & U.S. Champion Seth Rollins & large Show

\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\"John\n\n"}>,"takeover_bg":"\/f\/2018\/10\/Network_Video_Splash_Image--857cdd913705083d053590c09b1a91b9.jpg"}">John Cena & Sting vs. Large Show & Seth Rollins: Raw, Sept. 14, 2015In a huge main event on Raw"s season premiere, man Cena groups with Sting to battle The World"s largest Athlete and The Architect.

Make that two wins because that The Stinger. Moment after Sting’s fight with huge Show was reorganized in a sign match teaming Sting v John Cena and Seth Rollins through Show, The Authority’s foot soldiers acquired their wind ago when Cena found himself crushed prefer a jellybean under the giant’s boot.

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Miraculously, the Cenation leader endured long enough to sign in Sting, and The icon ran roughshod over a extensively unprepared Rollins, executing a Scorpion death Drop on The Architect after Cena dispatched one interfering big Show through an mindset Adjustment. With Rollins reeling, Sting sealed the deal by rolling "The Man" into a Scorpion Deathlock and achieving a near-instant submission. Far better luck Sunday, champ.