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“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us right into the show.

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A video recaps the occasions from critical week’s RAW. It starts turn off from online reactions to the shocking ending before taking us with the match and also its eliminations. Triple H do his shocking return by providing Roman Reigns a Pedigree ~ above the floor and allowing Seth Rollins to get rid of him. Triple H then turned top top Rollins and also gave him a Pedigree before letting Kevin Owens come to be the new WWE universal Champion.

Stephanie McMahon is shown backstage earlier in the day talking around planning a substantial party for Kevin Owens’ location win. Mick Foley go up and also does not look happy whatsoever. Foley says her husband made him look choose a fool critical Monday night, and also she won’t talk around it. She wouldn’t return any type of of his messages, and also he wants to know why. Stephanie states she’s not going to safeguard herself over something she knew nothing about. She was backing Rollins and also didn’t know her husband to be going to perform that. Foley doesn’t believe her. She asks that he think he’s talk to. Foley says he’s talk to the girl the met in 1998 moment after his Hell in a Cell complement that provided him a shy smile. Stephanie claims she didn’t return his messages because she to be embarrassed together a leader and a wife. How deserve to she preserve her dignity? She had actually nothing to carry out with this and didn’t respond because she didn’t know how. She begs the to think that she’s still that very same girl through the awkward smile. Foley looks in she eyes and also concedes that he does think her. Foley says he has actually to since if that doesn’t, that makes her a really great liar and a really negative person. Foley can’t believe that.

The RAW video clip plays, and we go into the arena to view balloons falling native the rafters. Mick Foley and also Stephanie McMahon space in the ring. Stephanie asks the group to welcome the new WWE universal Champion, Kevin Owens.

WWE universal Champion, Kevin Owens, makes his way to the ring come a large reaction. Owens has actually his hair nicely cropped and also is attract a suit while hold the belt. Owens it s okay in the ring and also blows turn off a Mick Foley handshake before posing ~ above the turnbuckle v the belt. Pyro goes turn off on the stage together he holds increase the belt. Owens stands in the ring and listens come the mixed reaction from the crowd. Owens claims this is amazing and also is exactly what that wanted. Stephanie says she’s happy they can make it happen due to the fact that he absolutely deserves it. Owens says he does deserve it. An ext than anything, he deserves the championship. Last week, as soon as he won the title, the whole arena was chanting, “You worthy it,” and they’re 100% right. What he doesn’t worthy is a crowd full of idiots trying to hijack his moment. Critical week was his moment similar to tonight is his moment. Through chanting, “You deserve it,” they’re make the efforts to do it about themselves. They think they’re such a good crowd. Owens says they’re not an excellent or special. He is great and special. He knows this around himself and also knew the deserved it from the moment he stepped in the ring. Last week, that beat three superstars to success this title, but he is man enough to recognize that Triple H verified up to provide him a nudge. However, he had done 98% of the work himself. Every Triple H did was make points right and also put him specifically where he belongs: in ~ the an extremely top of this industry. That’s why tonight’s illustration of Monday Night RAW will be known as “The Kevin Owens Show.”

Seth Rollins’ music hits, and also he storms under to the ring to a nice agree from the crowd. Rollins gets appropriate in Owens’ face. Rollins claims this isn’t around him and also tells him come shut up. Rollins asks just how Stephanie could do this to him after every little thing they’ve to be through. Rollins offered her everything he had night in and night out. He put the firm on his back and go out every ligament in his knee for it. He came earlier faster than anyone could have imagined and also this is exactly how he was repaid. Owens claims this is about him. This is “The Kevin Owens Show.” Rollins claims he has no problem with Owens because he’s just a puppet, yet if that doesn’t close up door the hell up, Triple H won’t even be able to save him. Stephanie claims she had nothing to execute with it, and also Rollins shouts, “Bull crap!” Foley it s okay in Rollins’ face and also says she had actually nothing to carry out with it. Rollins asks what Foley had actually to execute with it and asks if he’s in her pocket. Foley claims he’s no in she pocket, yet he has her back. Rollins states Owens has been Triple H’s favored one from work one. Triple H hosted his hand native the minute he stepped right into NXT. If they desire to hitch their wagon come Owens and make him the confront of the brand-new Era, Rollins will be the one come burn it to the ground. Rollins says her and also her husband, the king and also queen, will be on your knees in a heap of rubble.

Owens says that’s a an excellent story, however where was this enthusiasm these past couple of months? Ever because he came back from the injury, it appears The Architect has been designing blueprints for total failure. Rollins punches Owens down and also knocks him out of the ring. Stephanie screams at him come stop, and he punches Owens off the apron. Stephanie says Rollins is unlimited suspended. Rollins screams the she can’t do that, but she claims she simply did. Foley says, “No, he’s not!” A “Foley” singing fires up. Foley says she’s acting as if this is personal, yet he knows it’s not. This is Monday Night RAW. Lock don’t hand out suspensions once someone has been wrong and let your temper flare. They hand out rematches. As soon as she made him the basic Manager the RAW, it was agreed that he would certainly make the matches. Foley asks her to respect that. Foley says he has actually no love loss for Rollins, however he won’t refuse the talent the he is. They to be amazed in ~ the enhance last week. He’s not placing that type of talent on the shelf. Rollins will get his rematch and face Kevin Owens because that the WWE global Championship in ~ Clash that the Champions! The group boos the fact that it’s no happening tonight. Foley’s music plays, and Rollins walks turn off looking pleased.

Coming increase next, Bayley will face Charlotte in a non-title match.

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Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley are saying backstage. She says if he ever before usurps her authority, that won’t have a position to come earlier to. Foley claims he did it in the finest interest of the agency because human being would talk. Stephanie claims she doesn’t care. Foley claims he does. Kevin Owens comes up and also yells in ~ Foley for lucrative Seth Rollins’ poor behavior with a location match. Foley states he’s going to reward Owens v a match against his former ideal friend Sami Zayn. Owens is furious. Kris Jericho angrily walks up to them now. Jericho asks Foley that he thinks he is through disrespecting his ideal friend and the longest reigning WWE universal Champion. Jericho asks if Rollins is a holy Foley mark and calls that a “stupid idiot.” Foley claims this stupid idiot is putting Jericho in a match versus Seth Rollins. Foley says, “Have a nice day,” and walks off. Jericho tries come plead through Stephanie, yet she says, “Have a nice day,” and also walks off.

Footage indigenous the raw Pre-Show is presented of Charlotte offering Dana Brooke a clipboard come teach her just how to beat Bayley like a queen.

Charlotte w/ Dana Brooke vs. Bayley

The bell rings, and also they take it a couple of moments to listen to the “Let’s walk Bayley” chant. Castle lock up, and Charlotte powers she to the corner before giving a clean break and letting out a “Woo.” They lock up again, and Charlotte records her with a waistlock takedown for a one count. Bayley captures her through a waistlock, however Charlotte elbow her in the face and also pushes she a couple of times. Charlotte wrenches the arm, yet Bayley comes earlier with a wrench of her own. Bayley sends out her into the ropes and also connects with two eight drags. Charlotte conveniently knees she in the midsection and bounces her off the turnbuckle. Charlotte poses because that the crowd, and they boo her. Charlotte bounces she off the turnbuckle again, but Bayley begins to “Hulk up.” Bayley climate bounces she off the turnbuckles a variety of times prior to taking her down through one big bounce. Charlotte rolls the end of the ring to recover. Bayley goes to the outside and tries to provide her a baseball on slide by slide under the turnbuckle, yet she gets hooked ~ above the mat and also it watch clunky. Bayley may have actually tweaked her knee. Bayley gets she in the ring, yet Charlotte easily leaves the ring. Bayley complies with her out, and Charlotte forearms her down.

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We come earlier from the break to see Charlotte rojo Bayley approximately in a head-scissor. Charlotte drives her head into the mat a couple of times and hooks the leg for a 2 count. Charlotte grabs the leg, yet Bayley kicks her away. Bayley connects with a running cross-body because that a 2 count. Charlotte quickly puts her in the corner and also runs right into a boot. Bayley goes to the 2nd rope, yet Charlotte grabs her and drives her back into the corner. Charlotte climate hooks the leg on the rope and knees her in the hurt leg. Bayley grabs her knee in pain. Charlotte drags her to the leaf of the apron and also slams her leg turn off the turnbuckle twice. Charlotte bends the injured limb end the rope and also pulls top top it. Charlotte gets back in the ring and also goes for the number Eight, however Bayley kicks she back. Charlotte conveniently transitions come a solitary leg crab. Bayley kicks the end of it, however Charlotte easily DDTs the leg. Charlotte goes because that a scoop slam, but Bayley slides out. Bayley then collapses top top the knee. Charlotte place the foot on the rope and cannonballs it. Charlotte make the efforts again, but Bayley rolls she up because that a near fall. Charlotte chops far at her and puts she on the height rope, however Bayley punches she away. Bayley climate takes her out through a flying back elbow.

Bayley starts transferring some forearms and also connects v some hammer throws. Bayley it s okay a head of vapor and connects v a shoulder to the midsection. Bayley goes for a 2nd one, yet Dana Brooke traction Charlotte the end of the way. Bayley kicks Dana down, and also Charlotte rolls her up. Bayley kicks the end at two, and Charlotte is sent into Dana. Bayley then captures Charlotte through the Bayley To ship for the win.

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Winner through Pinfall: BayleyMatch Rating: * 3/4 

Bayley celebrates her win on the ramp, together Dana Brooke checks on the collapse champion, Charlotte.

Sasha banks will be on raw tonight, and she has some poor news to supply as per this tweet:

You shouldn't settle for what's expected. The ceo is gonna it is in on #Raw tonight and I obtained some bad news. #LegitBoss always ✌