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WWE SmackDvery own comes waltzing back right into our resides tonight (April 7, 2016) from Houston, Texas through a videotaped present on the USA Netjob-related featuring all the continued fallout from the WrestleMania 32 pay-per-watch (PPV) extravaganza that went dvery own this past Sunday night in Arlington, Texas.

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Because SmackDvery own is a taped display, you can simply go check out the spoilers to know whatever that happens (uncover them by clicking here). We will certainly provide outcomes below.

You deserve to usage this area to comment on all the events as they happen, however, and it"s more than likely going to improve your viewing suffer. In reality, I know it is because we"re most fun approximately right here.

Enjoy the show!



Albest, folks, strap in for the post-Mania and also write-up Raw after Mania Smackdown. There might or may not be more video recap packeras than normal. We"ll discover out shortly.

Then. Now. Forever.

A general WrestleMania 32 package is played.


Roguy Reigns/AJ Style segment

The show opens up through the champ Roguy Reigns who sounds prefer he"s acquiring a pretty 50/50 reaction, yet this is SmackDvery own and also audience reactivity can be played through in post production.

The Big Dog states that now that he"s beat the Authority and also taken earlier what"s his, eexceptionally one is gunning for his title. And it does not issue if you like him or hate him. He repeats his "I"m not a bad male. I"m not an excellent guy. I"m the guy" line. He claims he"s going to beat AJ Styles... when Styles interrupts him. Time to find out of Romale desires some.

There"s a separation "AJ Styles!" "Roman Reigns!" chant.

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Styles says he came down to congratulate Roguy for being the brand-new champ. He supplies his hand also and Reigns shakes it. He states that he"s been approximately the civilization, bconsumed the ideal, and hosted titles. So he plans to beat "the guy" for that title. Romale says that sure AJ has bconsumed a lot of males yet he"s never before bconsumed him... and also he never before will certainly. On his way out, Reigns provides AJ a bit of a condescfinishing pat on the shoulder.