Hi there, I just want come let you recognize that there"s at this time a quite little transformation themed contest going on end at furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net/view/29567…Lknauwnek is hosting a dispute where human being can send in X-Change Wild testimonies (with the template "deer") testimonies, essentially little experience reports about using X-Change Wild pills. I guess most of you room wondering currently what X-Change Wild is.

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Transformation Stories an enig Santa 2019!

Nov 14, 2019
Hello everyone!We"re dispersing the cheer again this year!So break out the magically spiked punch, the enchanted antler hats, her keyboards, and your Christmas spirit!If you know what"s walk on, sign up https://forms.gle/aeFxkeSTA6AgkwHM7If you want much more details, read on!This is a mystery Santa gift exchange for TF writers. You give a story request, and also someone else writes it because that you. You, in turn, compose someone else"s requested story idea.The signup will certainly be open until December 1st. That is, end of day Sunday.You will get either a dA keep in mind or a Discord PM through details of her gift receiver on December 2nd.Your story need to b
Merry Christmas!The an enig Santa event was a rousing success! We had a full of seven writers take part in spreading the delight this time around. Ns hope lock all had fun v it - I recognize I did!To: RobertDayson (https://www.inter-base.net/robertdayson)From: QuirkyCatGirl (https://www.inter-base.net/quirkycatgirl)The "Special" Gift ExchangeRobert happens upon a gift exchange at a local store after ~ the conclusion of a draining hatchet of school.To: WhiTanFox (https://www.inter-base.net/whitanfox)From: MagicalTF (https://www.inter-base.net/magicaltf)A most Curious instance A superhero has actually a tough time getting... He"s incontinent, friend see, in a way.To: QuirkyCatGirl (https://www.inter-base.net/quirkycatgirl)From: Bahogar (https://www.inter-base.net/bahogar)Cat"s eve (Secret Santa)A young elf having an exciting Christmas party!To: :devBa
Hello everyone!After every the fun we had with critical year"s an enig Santa occasion on the TF-Stories Discord, we"ve chose to perform a mystery Santa story exchange because that Christmas 2018 with the entire inter-base.net group!If you recognize what"s walk on, sign up best here!If girlfriend want more details, check out on!This is a an enig Santa gift exchange for TF writers. You give a story request, and also someone else writes it for you. You, in turn, create someone else"s asked for story idea.Spread some delight this holiday season!The signup will certainly be open until December 1st. That is, finish of day Saturday.You will get either a dA note or a Discord PM v details of your

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The outcomes are in - SketchySeraph (https://www.inter-base.net/sketchyseraph), dkfenger (https://www.inter-base.net/dkfenger) and also me every judged the stories and also I an unified our results. And here lock are:1st location - 50 $: magicshoppe (https://www.inter-base.net/magicshoppe) with Trust makers - I"m with the Band2nd ar - 30 $: NeodymART (https://www.inter-base.net/neodymart) v Trust equipments - A few Small Changes3rd place - 20 $: AbNom (https://www.inter-base.net/abnom) with E-Venn NowSpecial arbitrarily dkfenger (https://www.inter-base.net/dkfenger) giveaway - one tradition Trust Machines quick story: Uncle-Ben (https://www.inter-base.net/uncle-ben)It was a yes, really close race at the top - the vain for an initial place went down to a decimal, and also the compete for third place was simply as fierce! however in the end our three winners prevailed. Congratulations, :devmagics