SKU: 20181230 UPC: MPN: X905200-012 Availability: Ships exact same day if ordered before 1 p.m. CST. All other orders will certainly ship the next service day.

You space viewing the OEM (Original equipment Manufacturer) replacement Blu-Ray key Drive because that the Microsoft Xbox ONE Xmodel 1787. The disc drive has been known to resolve problems such together the Xbox ONE Xnot reading discs, or not ejecting/accepting discs, and other unusualsymptoms.

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Model:DG-6M5SMPN:X905200-012Complete AssemblyProprietary kind FactorOEM Microsoft ReplacementHigh quality supplied partPulled indigenous a functioning Xbox ONE X system
*Drive PCB (circuit board) not included

Installation Notes:

Direct replacement.Aligns & mounts right into place.PCB drive Board Swap RequiredSome soldering required.

Our replacement Blu-Ray bowl Drive Assembly is fairlyeasy come install, however does call for some minor technological skills. That is an OEM direct replacement for the Xbox ONE X 1787model so that fits directly right into the Xbox ONE X enclosure. The disc drive PCB (disc journey board) and the motherboard room pairedor "married" in all Xbox ONE X consoles, therefore the PCB native the defective drive will should be swapped over to thisreplacement drive.Some minor soldering is required to finish installation. After you have installed the PCB simply slide the anti-vibration sleeve earlier onto the disc drive, plug the data and also power cables in, and also align the drive into place. Reassemble her Xbox ONE X console, and also you’re all done!

Installation Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
Please examine your Xbox ONE systems model form BEFORE ordering any type of parts native us. This will save you time and extra headache down the road.


Full 180-Days GUARANTEED!

This is a high-quality OEM part tested and also verified via a CERTIFIED process. Us stand behind this product 100%, and also guarantee it for a complete 180 DAYS native the date of delivery!

Please check out our Customer company section for more information on warranties and also returns.

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5 Worked great

post by Nic on Aug 25th 2021

It was yielded two job early and also was maybe to acquire it Installed and working within 20min, was fantastic., yet trying to send and kind out this evaluation on mobile is not the biggest experience, tho 5 stars

5 great

posted by Eric Hottel ~ above Jun 28th 2021

The drive works great. I'm so happy with it.

5 Excellent service

post by jaime Cruz on may 18th 2020