Yo-Kai Watch has countless bonus features you have the right to do external of battle. One of these is using the Crank-a-kai to gain Yo-Kai or items. Over there are plenty of different coins and also you can only perform it 3 time a day. Friend can also use plat coins, i m sorry you obtain from walking about with her 3DS.

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I"ll walk over the basics of Crank-a-kai, Yo-Kai you deserve to possibly acquire with each coin, and what rank they are. Inspect out my attitude guide for assist finding the ideal for your newly got Yo-Kai.

This overview will walk over the Crank-a-kai feature including:

Crank-a-kai Basics - where it is and how to use it.Yo-Kai perform - AlltheYo-Kai friend can get fromtheCrank-a-kai and what coinsyou acquire them from.

Crank-a-kai Basics

The Crank-a-kai is located in mountain Wildwood behind the shrine, wherein you met to whisper at the start of the game. You can get different colored coins native completing searches or making use of the Yo-Kai cam feature.

These colors identify what Yo-Kai you deserve to get. You can additionally get items from this coins and also some coins are much more likely to offer items 보다 Yo-Kai.

You deserve to only use this 3 time a day and it resets in ~ 6:00 a.m. Every day. This is based on your 3DS" interior clock. You can change the clock to usage as countless coins as you want.


Yo-Kai List

I"ll separate the Yo-Kai right into the color of your coins. The coin colors suggest what Tribeyour Yo-Kai will certainly be from. For example, Red coins give Brave Yo-Kai.

The stimulate of what you"ll gain from every coin is set when you begin the game. For this reason if you save prior to using a coin, or wait a day, you"ll get the very same thing every time. If over there is a Yo-Kai you want from a coin, simply keep utilizing them until you acquire it.

Mysterious - an approach increase.Tough - Defense increase.Charming - speed increase.Heartful - heal moves.Brave - strike increase.Shady - readjust status effects and also absorb HP.Eerie - Inspirit chance increase.Slippery - Harder come inspirit.

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The ranks determine the in its entirety strength the the Yo-Kai. Higher ranks have better overall stats, through S gift the highest.


Noway- E RankLedballoon- D RankMad hill - C RankBadude - B RankDarumacho - B RankBruff- A RankWalldin- A RankGoldenyan- S Rank


Snotsolong- E RankSignibble- D RankQ"wit- C RankEspy- B RankAlloo- B RankSigniton- A RankCasanono- A RankFrostail- S Rank


Pupsicle- E RankKomajiro- D RankShmoopie- C RankCadable- C RankSkelebella- B RankSingcada- B RankSupyo- A RankDamona- S Rank


Manjimutt- E RankPeckpocket- D RankNagatha- C RankGrumplesB RankMultimutt - B RankCuttincheez- A RankSir Berus- A RankEterna- S Rank


Hungramps- E RankLodo - D RankHappierre- C RankHungorge- B RankOl" Fortune- B RankDubbles- A RankReversette- A RankAuntie Heart- S Rank

Red Coin: Brave


Pandle - E RankMochismo - D RankChansin - C RankBenkei - B RankSlacka-slash - B RankSiro - A RankKapunki - A RankCruncha - S Rank


Negatibuzz- E RankMynimo - D RankTengloom- C RankContrarioni- B RankAgon- B RankNul- A RankScritchy- A RankCount Cavity- S Rank

Light Blue:Slippery

Fishpicable - D RankHeheheel- D RankChummer- C RankRageon - B RankCynake- B RankSlitheref- A RankTunatic - A RankShadow Venoct- S Rank

Special:All the previous S location Yo-Kai, add to a couple of special B rank

Rhinoggin- B RankSushiyama- B RankFrostina- B RankCruncha- S RankGoldenyan - S RankFrostail - S RankDamona- S RankEterna - S RankAuntie love - S RankCount Cavity - S RankShadow Venoct - S Rank

Excitement:Some Yo-Kai just come indigenous this coin

Jibanyan- D RankDaiz- C RankSkelebella- B RankConfuze - B RankNul- A RankNegasus - A RankNeighfarious - A Rank

Play Coins: 10 play coins = 1 turn

Sir Berus- A RankTunatic - A RankPookivil- A RankRobonyan - A Rank

That"s it for the Crank-a-Kai Yo-Kai list. Don"t forget to inspect the Beginner guide for much more help, and let me understand if you have any questions!