Birth nameNatasha Shanta ReidNameYoon Mi-raeChildrenJordan SeoYears active1997–presentParentsThomas J. ReidOccupation(s)SingerrapperSpouseTiger JK (m. 2007)GenresR&Bhip hopK-popRoleRapper
Natasha Shanta Reid (born may 31, 1981), better known through her oriental name Yoon Mi-rae, is an American-born South korean rapper and also singer. She is right now a member of oriental hip hop trio MFBTY. She is taken into consideration to be among the finest female rappers in Korea.

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Early life and education


Yoon was born on may 31, 1981 in ft Hood, Texas come a South oriental mother and an African-American father. She father had actually been a radio DJ if serving with the U.S. Military in Korea, and Yoon cites his document collection as an affect to pursue her music career. After she relocated to Korea together a child, she often challenged discrimination because of her mixed heritage. Yoon dropped out of institution at age 15 and later took a high institution equivalence exam.

Discovery and also Uptown


Yoon was found in 1995 once she add a girlfriend to an audition for a new Korean i know well hop group. She did not audition herself, however a civilization Records representative heard her singing exterior of the audition room and also signed she to join a new group dubbed Uptown. The team debuted in 1997 when Yoon was simply 16.


In 1999, she also formed i know well hop and R&B duo Tashannie through singer Annie. They released one album, called Parallel Prophecies.


Uptown broke up in 2000 after ~ several team members to be arrested on drug charges. Yoon"s then-boyfriend, rapper Tiger JK, was also arrested and spent a month and a fifty percent in jail. Yoon herself went into hiding during that period.

Solo career and also MFBTY

Yoon debuted as a solo artist in 2001, under the moniker T. She exit her very first album, as Time goes By, the very same year and her 2nd and 3rd albums, called respectively Gemini and To my Love, the following year.

In 2006, she joined tropical Entertainment, a label started by she now-husband Tiger JK. The adhering to year, she exit the album T3 – Yoon Mi Rae, on which she shared the challenges she confronted as a combined race artist in Korea. The year, she carry out in Seoul v American singer Amerie, who is additionally of Korean and African-American heritage.

In 2012, Yoon came to be the challenge of computer system brand Hewlett-Packard in Korea, having signed a one-year contact to show up in their publish media and also radio advertisements. She was additionally a referee on the 3rd and 4th seasons of television talent vain Superstar K.

Yoon, Tiger JK, and also rapper Bizzy, formed the hip hop trio MFBTY (My Fans far better Than Yours) in 2013. The group"s very first single, "Sweet Dream," ranked #1 on three oriental music charts quickly after its release. They had actually debuted the song at a concert in Cannes, France. MFBTY signed to Tiger JK"s newly created Feel Ghood Music label later that year.

In September 2013, Yoon earn the #1 clues on Billboard"s Korea K-Pop hot 100 list through her track "Touch Love" indigenous the South korean drama Master"s Sun.

In December 2014, Yoon exit the single "Angel," i m sorry quickly came to be #1 on 4 Korean music charts. Also that month she revealed the the American film The Interview supplied her tune "Pay Day" without permission, and also that she was acquisition legal action.

Personal life

Yoon speak both Korean and English fluently.

In June 2007, she married Tiger JK in a exclusive ceremony in a buddhism Temple. The wedding developed a month prior to the fatality of Tiger JK"s grandm who had wanted to check out them wed before her passing. Yoon offered birth come their kid Jordan in march 2008.

Yoon and also her husband space advocates against child abuse. In 2011, they appeared in a photoshoot v their kid in Vogue Korea for the "Stop child Abuse & Love Children" campaign. They likewise filmed a public service announcement because that the human being Day for the prevention of child Abuse, and also they performed in ~ the 2011 son Abuse Awareness Concert. In 2012, south Korea"s set of Health and Welfare commended the pair for their initiatives in fostering child abuse prevention.

Yoon has also promoted awareness that multiculturalism within oriental families. In 2008, she volunteered for seven months at a multicultural youth camp.

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Television appearances

2011: Infinity an obstacle – Guest Appearance2011: Superstar K3 – Judge2011: Running guy – Guest2011: We gained Married – Guest Appearance through husband, Tiger JK and their son, Jordan. The Khuntoria couple meet with Reid and Tiger JK in their home and also then babysit their son.