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You space my sunshine, my only sunshineYou do me happy as soon as skies room greyYou"ll never know, dear, how much i love youPlease don"t take it my sunshine awayThe other night, dear, while ns lay sleepingI dreamy I held you right here in my armsWhen ns awoke, dear, ns was mistakenAnd i hung my head and I criedYou space my sunshine, my only sunshineYou make me happy when skies room greyYou"ll never ever know, dear, just how much ns love youPlease don"t take it my sunshine awayI"ll constantly love you and also make you happyIf girlfriend will just say the sameBut if you leave me to love anotherYou"ll remorse it all part dayYou are my sunshine, my only sunshineYou do me happy once skies room greyYou"ll never know, dear, how much i love youPlease don"t take my sunshine awayPlease don"t take it my sunshine far
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