You Reposted In the wrong Neighborhood is the surname of a track by SHOKK青.

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<1> It combines the text of \"Shake That\" by Nate Dogg and Eminem through the critical from \"Casin\" through glue70.<2> It has inspired a collection of remix videos ~ above Youtube.


SHOKK青 post \"You Reposted In the dorn Neighborhood\" come Soundcloud on march 24th, 2014. As of respectable 17th, 2016, the song has over 689,000 plays.

Two to the one from the one come the threeI like an excellent pussy and also I like great treeSmoke so much weed you wouldn\"t believeAnd ns get an ext ass 보다 a restroom seat

While it\"s unclear when the song was first used in a remix video (reddit individuals on threads in /r/OutofTheLoop<6> and /r/youtubehaiku<7> space baffled), one of the earliest examples is a video<3> posted by Youtuber Rene Descartes on august 11th, 2015 dubbed \"umaru walk hard\" (re-upload shown below).


Remix videos through \"You Reposted in the wrong Neighborhood\" started appearing much more frequently towards the end of 2015. Sorox94 post an Undertale variation called \"You identified In the wrong Neighborhood\"<4> that\"s acquired 52,385 views as of august 17th, 2016 (shown below, left), while one more uploaded through Frojo Memes<5> on December 26th, 2015 (below, right), has got 91,019.

More and more video remixes have been posted throughout 2016, as users have actually matched the track to clip of The Simpsons personality Moe dancing,<8> Overwatch characters dancing,<9> and anime personalities dancing.<10><11> on June 8th, 2016, the YouTube channel \"chill Station\"<12> posted a \"full version\" the edited SHOKK青\"s original write-up to include the entire a capella native \"Shake That.\"

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